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Our Best Season?

Best Season  

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  1. 1. Our Best Season?

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What do you believe is our best season to date?

First League win in 1954-55.

First League title under Jose Mourinho in 2004-05 with 95 points, losing just 1 game and winning the League Cup.

Double in 2009-10 scoring 103 league goals and winning the FA Cup.

This season winning the Champions League for the first time ever and winning the FA Cup.

It's tough between this season and the 2004-05 season, probably the Best Football I've seen us play was in the 2004-05 season where we we're unbeatable and won the League Cup and where we beat Barcelona 4-2 in CL Round of 16 and got to the Semis.

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04/05 i think was our best season in the sense of our strength of team... i.e. that we had a young drogba who could get through a wall, lampard the greatest midfielder in the premier league and a really solid JT... if you looking for best in terms of succcss then it has to be 11/12 becuase the champions league is the biggest cup of all...

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It's too much of a subjective issue to say which season was the 'best'. In terms of success this was the best season in the Club's history. However others may feel Differently. I personally feel this is our best season as we have taken the final step and perhaps the biggest step. European Champions. It may lead to even bigger and better things for the club. We are now one of those clubs who can proudly say we have a European Championship and are truly one of the Elites.

Also in terms of how amazing and 'Fairy Tale like' our UCL run was and how we mounted great combacks and conquered insurmountable odds, this season will never be forgotten. Thus in my opinion it is our best.

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Worst team since 04-05, a manager who ain't world class like Mourinho, all hope gone for probably all fans after Napoli won 3 to 1.


Fairy tale season, will never come like this again.

04-05 season might come again with Roman spending big again.

I choose this season!

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Has to be this season for me. A culmination of every emotion we've felt throughout the Roman era and a true marker of our club's status amongst the current elite that all started after a 2-1 win over Liverpool. It's incredible to think how far we've come since then.

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Like KOF said, obviously in terms of what we achieved, this season is the 'best', but the majority of football we played was utter wank.

We had 7 wonderful (in terms of emotional impact/result not quality of football) games -- Valencia, Napoli, Barca X2, Bayern in the CL, Spurs & Liverpool in the FA Cup -- and maybe one or two decent Prem games (City at home) but as a whole the Premier League season was a disaster.

Our journey in the CL was just magnificent though

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We also forgetting a key factor....

in the 2011/2012, we took tottenhams place in the champions league ending thier ability to bring big players in and making their great season worthless... :) Good Times... :)

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11/12. The last 3-4 months of the season was simply unbelievable.

We were down and out, new manager, little hope of winning anything, and we somehow came out of all that as Champions of Europe (still feels good saying that :D), beating 2 of the best teams in the world along the way.

Nothing can beat that for me :blue scalf:

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Best team - 2009/10 (As i felt we were the best team in the world, even though losing out to Inter in a way we should have beaten them) And did the double over the top 3 teams, Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal. 12 goals for and 1 against, Macheda's handball. Malouda was the best winger in the world at the time, Drogba was a beast domestically, Anelka providing quality, the strongest midfield 3 in the Premier League, a solid defense with Ashley Cole the best LB in the world.









Best Season- 2011/12 Hands down.

The emotional journey we went through and living through the greatest moment in Chelsea's history, getting to say, i was a part of that. Now that was something special.

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We haven't played quality football this season, but a Champions League trophy we won despite everything thrown at us and a FA Cup won against Liverpool just tops everything for me. We wrote the biggest chapter in our history and I would take another CL trophy over good football....:D

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