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Eden Hazard

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My son with Eden today [emoji7]

I hate Eden Hazard because he hasn't already scored 200 goals for Chelsea and he because was bought for £32 million and because other people like him and because other people hate him and because he h

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So you say that Zidane pointed out at Hazard and Varane and both are looking to be world beaters?!

Man the next player that Zidane mentions, we should defo sign!! :D

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Just love his skills and touches. He makes the right decisions almost every time when he has the ball. He's so young but he's already one of the best out there. Maybe he could try to train his shooting from distance. He has muscular feet so I think he could be able to shoot like Cristiano ;) But yeah, he's an awesome player. Glad to have him here!!

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What I like about him is his team play, even if he could take shot, but he passes because there is other player in better position. Unlike Ronaldo who takes every shot...

To compare him with ballon dor is too soon, but boy has potential. But I feel that he will be bit more selfish eventualy, once his hype and fame touches him, when his confidence upgrades. He will be unstopable then.

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this might sound like a knee jerk reaction but I think this kid can win the ballon d'or in the near future.

I quoted this before, he needed a few steps to become considered at that level.

He was weaker on the ball earlier in the season than now and he wasn't shooting with power, and was shy to dribble when he obviously is talented at it.

Now he has suddenly got so much power in his left foot, and he's so two footed. He doesn't fall down as much as earlier in the season, and see how he did a robana to 3 players easily when he gets aggresive in his dribbling..... He's just 22, in 2 years time, he will mature and be more consistent.

We shouldn't sell him for anything in this world, when barcelona fans say they have messi, I want to scream dat we have hazard too :D :cfc:

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Can @ANDRECHO, or anyone PLEASE make a compilation of all his touches yesterday? Would be the best video ever made.

Don't think you can upload it to YouTube though, they don't accept sexual content! :wank2:

on youtube

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