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Eden Hazard

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35 minutes ago, NikkiCFC said:

Especially considering how Vini is playing that LW role. At the moment best in the world. 

every single goal of his except one versus Valencia (hardly a monster team) has been against shit sides

he was dire against Inter on the CL, and marginally oki when Real lost to Sheriff in the CL

he was shut down by a struggling Barca (although RM won 2 1), and again by Villarreal

Vinícius has improved a lot from what he was, but no way I am ready to call him the best LW on the planet atm

let's see him bang them in against the big boys, then we can talk

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8 hours ago, NikkiCFC said:

It did not happened. He basically said he can go... I think it is fair to say he is done in Madrid. Especially considering how Vini is playing that LW role. At the moment best in the world. 

Already 3rd season in Madrid, we robbed them! Did absolutely nothing. 31yo in 2 months, maybe Newcastle take him.

Unfortunately looks that way. Don't think he has completely closed the door on him and sounds like he's motivating him to win his place. But we'll see.

Would suck to see him playing for another club in the PL though. Hazard shouldn't go the Michael Owen route.

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