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2012/2013 Predictions

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What are your predictions on where teams will finish in the Table next season? Put down your top 5-6 and also your 3 relegated teams. You can do the whole table if you want. Also give a few comments as to why each team is where they are

1. Chelsea: I think we definitely now have the quality to win the title. Our attack has been sorted out. Plus we are likely to add more quality players.

2. City: They will add too. It will be tight between us and them for the title.

3. United: They are on a slight decline. I don't think they'll buy anyone else of note other than Kagawa. I don't think that'll be enough to improve the quality of their side.

4. Arsenal: If they keep RVP (which they will struggle to) they can knick 4th spot. If they get someone like M'Vila they can possibly be higher than 4th

5. Liverpool: They have just signed Rodgers as their Manager. They will add a few players, nothing special though. They need to start a transition again because Dalglish has left that club in utter Mediocrity. They need to get rid of the trash they bought, Adam, Henderson, Downing and Carrol. They'll get better, but not by much

6. Tottenham: I think they will lose at least one player. An important one at that. There's also the issue over whether they keep Adebayor. They have no UCL so they will struggle to attract any players. Plus JUST missing out on the UCL will sap the motivation of some of their players.

Relegated: All 3 teams that will be promoted. Unless they pull off a Swansea/Norwhich I can't see them staying up.

Top Scorer: Aguero/Falcao (if he comes to the EPL)

Player of the Year: Hazard

Most assists: Kagawa

FA Cup: Man United

League Cup: Liverpool

UCL: Madrid/Barcelona

You can make your predictions without the comments/explanation :lol:

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Im still enjoying the totally unpredictable end to last season ,,,

waiting to see who our manager is and our starting team ,,,mostly looking forward to the preseason ....and preseason chaos for gooners and spuds

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Im still enjoying the totally unpredictable end to last season ,,,

waiting to see who our manager is and our starting team ,,,mostly looking forward to the preseason ....and preseason chaos for gooners and spuds

grrrrrrrrr talking to myself another sign of advanced senility,,,must chat with Fergie about it
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1. Chelsea. Will be as tight as it was with city as it was with utd this season, but I think city will bottle in the last 6 weeks or so

2. City. Title contenders. I think because the players are gaining vital epl experience they will be trouble. Also there may not be any teves drama this season to derail their goals. Favorites to win UCL this year IMO, if not us.

3. Utd. Will be far behind the top two but close to 4th. They have been on the decline and believe they will continue.

4. Newcastle. Looked like a top 4 team last season. Will continue on this path if they keep players like cisse, ba and Ben arfa. Battling with utd for 3rd

5. Le arse. The game is evolving and they can't keep up. With RVP looking to leave, they are fucked.

6. Spurs. With Arrys ridiculous money he wants for modric etc, no one will buy them, so should be close to top four, but just missing out

Relegation. QPR, reading, liverpool

Player of the year: hazard.

Golden boot: cisse

Golden gloves: hart

Cunt of the year: Barton

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yes we must win and all that but what's more important is to shut up the supporters of other teams

City: "Chelsea are the 6th best team in England. Finished, won't pose a title threat next season. Defence crap. Turmoil, disarray. We are the best team in the world and will be on the level of Barca and Madrid after next season."

United: "We must beat City next season, no other title contenders.."

Scumpool: "oh fuck off Chelsea! club died with King Kenny..fuck martinez and whelan. Big Bad Bren will get us in top 4 next season, no probs. so BOSS!"

as far as I'm concerned we need to beat City to show we're the best team in England....United as well to shut them lot up

if we are going to lose it should be to Sunderland....Fulham... Everton them midtable lot....could accept a loss to Arsenal away, don't really dislike their fans as much....and to a lesser degree Spurs

Grudge/Hate/must win home and away matches: SCUMPOOL, QPR

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fucking City...they have Agüero, Balotelli, Tevez, Dzeko......Adebayor and Roque Santa Cruz on loan

prolly looking to add Falcao and RvP...how much damn wonga are they gonna spend?

not saying they will do better next season but I can see United doing worse if they don't improve in the right areas so it will be up to us to stop City

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Chelsea will win all 7 competitions they are competing in and will become champions of the universe.............Or is that too optimistic?

only slightly....we could lose to Pluto

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1- Man City

2- Chelsea

3- Man U

4- Arsenal

5- Liverpool

6- Spurs

7- Newcastle

8- Sunderland

9- Everton

10- Southampton

11- Aston Villa

12- West Brom

13- Stoke

14- Fulham

15- Reading

16- West Ham

17- Swansea

18- Norwich

19- Wigan

20- QPR

Champions League- Real Madrid

Europa League- Napoli

FA Cup- Chelsea

League Cup- Newcastle

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1: Manchester City - The team now completely understand eachother. They haven't bonded like our players or Utd's, but the individual quality in each position outweighs that when it comes to match day. Toure and Kompany to be their best players. Silva to be average.

2: Manchester United - The usual. They always fight, and never give up. Don't have the money Manchester City have, and I feel SAF is becoming a little naive when it comes to underestimating opponents.

3: Chelsea - Our new players won't gel right away, and some might not even work in our system. We don't have a firing striker, but we somehow get results when needed most of the time. I feel Mata may decline a bit with the arrival of Hazard, as Mata will perhaps be pushed back out wide to fit in Hazard. Best player to be either Mikel or Ivanovic. We will be better the following season.

4: Arsenal - If Van Persie stays, they'll be strong. They could pip us to third, but being a Chelsea supporter, I just decided to slot us in instead. Podolski to flop, M'Vila (if he signs) to not live up to the hype, and Walcott to be reborn into a great player (lol jk). Persie will do all the work again. If he leaves however, Arsenal will finish 5th.

5: Liverpool - Rodgers will get them playing attacking football which is what Suarez needs. Will use Gerrard properly. He doesn't motivate very well though. Talking to a snail would be more interesting for me. He'll either be a revelation, or Liverpool will finish roughly where they did this season. They won't go backwards. The bacteria on my poo has more class than their fans.

6: Tottenham - They're just annoying. Cba writing about them.

Relegated - Norwich, QPR and Wigan. No more miracles for Roberto Martinez.

Top scorer -


Most assists -

Bale or Valencia.

Player of the Year -

Aguero or Kompany.

Premier League: Manchester City

F.A. Cup: Chelsea or Arsenal

Champions League: Real Madrid or Bayern Munich

Europa League: Bordeaux or Liverpool

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1- Chelsea

2- City

3- Man U

4- Everton

5- Arsenal

6- Newcastle

7- Tottenham

8- Sunderland

9- Liverpool

10- West Ham

11- Swansea

12- West Brom

13- Stoke

14- Fulham

15- Reading

16- Southampton

17- Aston Villa

18- Wigan

19- QPR

20- Norwich

FA Cup: Chelsea

League Cup: Everton

CL: Chelsea or Real Madrid

Top Scorer: Torres (There will be his rebirth)

Most assist: Bale

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Difficult to predict but I would be very happy if we could achieve the following:

  • Win the Club World Cup
  • Win the European Super Cup. The Community Shield would also be a welcome bonus - to have won three titles by Christmas would set us in good stead.
  • Win one of the domestic cups (Capital One Cup or FA Cup)
  • Top three finish in the Premier League - obviously I want us to win the league, but it will be extremely difficult to do so as City and United will no doubt improve as well. Finishing as London's best club is also imperative after 11/12.
  • Champions League semi-finals (this would represent a decent defence of our title)

I believe this is a realistic target for next season.

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Based on us buying Hulk and Hazard and maybe another Cm and Rb.

A lot will depend on Torres IMO. If he can get 15-20 goals in the league next season we'll certainly be much more in the mix than this season. We could very easily go on and win the league or champs league.

I think the euro super cup and world club cup are realistic. If we could add to them the FA cup and strong league (top 3) and champs league (semis) challenges it would be a good season.

If we could win one of the big 2 with the euro super and world club cups it will be another great season.

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