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Will you get real, We have as much chance of signing Bojan as Fulham do winning the premiership. Those two aren't even the best strikers in the world at the moment, There are plenty of other top strikers that I would love to see in a Chelsea shirt i.e Pato, Imbraomvic, Eto'o, Huntlaeer, Lisandro Lopez etc

This whole youth thing is gone to your head, your like the pedo of football.

then so is every Chelsea fan who thinks are squad is too old.

and lmao at the mention of huntelaar.. you clearly have no idea.

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One of 2 goals Hulk scored a couple days ago in Portuguese cup ... :beer:


He is in amazing form for Porto these year and he already scored 22 goals in 27 games in all competitions. Along with that he has 10 assists and I think he has become an all-round player who could help Chelsea a lot with his speed, dribbilng skills, incredible shooting and his overall power. He would be very pricey and we will probably be fighting against City for his signiture but I think he should be our top target this summer.


Just imagine this beast cutting in from the right in blue shirt and how much he would improve our right winger postion for the next 5-6 years :eyebrows:

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i would prefer ALEXIS SANCHEZ over him any day................

A rumour is flying around that Chelsea, Manchester United & Inter Milan are all chasing him for a fee of €20million

Which by the reaction of some here, could be a bargin.. :whistling:

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A very complete player. Very fast, strong with great shooting and dribbling capabilities. I'd love to see him here.

Im not sure if he is a player for a top club like Chelsea.

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He's got his international place, and he's got a good record for Porto, considering he's a winger to. 24 years of age, not bad, should definitely be playing for bigger clubs, but would it be a wise choice for him to come to Chelsea?, well i honestly do not know.

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Hulk has improved a lot.

Does anyone know anything about Porto's James Rodriguez? I watched some Porto games, but did pay much attention to him.

James Rodriguez is not as good at all, in the Porto team I really like Hulk and João Moutinho...

I will have to wait for JoulJoul's verdict before making my own assumption. :carlo:


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Done some more research on this Hulk, and he looks top dog, he has powerfull shots. And he can dominate space, of course you can't take youtube vids into consideration, but then again he's top scorer in his league. So god knows how good he could do with top assistance behind him, but who knows is this the man who Chelsea could desperately need?.

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