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Retiring numbers

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The whole idea of retiring Drogba's number 11 is an absolutely absurd idea as far as I am concerned, on two levels.

Firstly, if we retired Drogba's number 11, we'd have to retire Lampard's number 8, Terry's 26, Cole's 3 and Cech's 1. We'd be running out of numbers because of the amount of greats there are at this football club. We'd also have to retire Osgood's 9 by that same logic, and so on and so forth. Raul's number 7 was never retired at Madrid and Juventus are not retiring Del Piero's number 10 shirt.

Secondly, you do not retire any number from 1 to 11 unless in extreme circumstances, for instance with Maldini at Milan. Terminator X will tell you of the marketing value of these numbers, and as the original jersey numbers they are a small tradition in football, but an important one. The numbers 1 through 11 are prestigious and attract the big players. Until squad numbers were introduced, these numbers were what young footballers aspired towards as it represented first-team football.

Zola's 25 has been retired because he is the greatest player to play for this club. One can imagine 26 will be retired in John Terry's honour as well, as our most successful academy player and captain. But you cannot see any other numbers being retired.

Numbers are significant. Look at Madrid passing the 7 on from Raul (eventually) to Ronaldo. What we need to do is find a player worthy of wearing Didier's shirt.

I am not taking anything away from Drogba. You all know how much I loved and backed him. But he has moved on, as great players have done in the past and will do in the future.

He may have stolen our hearts, but he is not stealing our 11 jersey as well. Besides, he wore 15 for a quarter of his time here!!

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Exactly my sentiments. I can only think of two teams that have retired Starting IX numbers: AC Milan and Inter Milan.

AC Milan retired 3 and 6 for Paolo Maldini and Fracno Baresi respectively. Both spent their entire careers at the club and are youth products of AC Milan. Maldini spent 24 seasons at the club and Baresi 20.

Inter Milan retired the number 3 after Giacinto Faccehetti passed away. He is considered the archetype of the modern fullback and is one of the history's greatest players. Not to mention he spent his entire 18 season career at the club and is a youth product. Nerrazurri fans hold no one in higher regard and his photo is still on the front page of their website (along with the words "for Giacinto") even though he passed away eight years ago.

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Even 25 is not retired officialy. I understand Zola was a great player, but Chelsea is a big club now, it does not make sense to retire the number of a player, just because he had superb skills.

Even Maradona number´s is not retired in Argentina, where he is some kind of god.

Stop the bullshit about retiring number 11. I'm sure in next 10 years one or two great players will conquer the Europe with that shirt.

Nobody used 25 since Zola left, but it just shows the respect for the guy and its not an usual number to a good player to wear, but its not officially retired, and should not be.

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It's not retirement that most (myself included) want, its a temporary suspension of the number. One season, even. Give it to Lukaku when he's ready to step up.

Guy, I really believe Lukaku will never make it here, and if he does I dont see him becoming anything more than a squad player, if you think DD 11 is such a special thing, you should find someone else to give it.

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It's not retirement that most (myself included) want, its a temporary suspension of the number. One season, even. Give it to Lukaku when he's ready to step up.

In other words, you are suggesting that we give the supposed iconic squad number to someone who is fitting to wear it, right? If that is the case, then I very much agree with it.

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I think it would be unfair on Didier if we don't give Number 11 to a striker at the least. He doesn't have to be black, enormous or a repeat matchwinner, though :P

Racist! :Goober:

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