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David Luiz

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1 hour ago, Jason said:




Seems like this started when Conte subbed Luiz off in that 3-3 Roma game.

Conte was unhappy with Luiz’s reaction to being substituted in the 3-3 home draw with Roma and gave him a training ground ticking off a few days later.


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no he's back to reveal next season's kits

I ususally avoid this thread as it's depressing to read some of the things written about our very own sideshow bob. It seems a lot of people want him to be this robotic perfect defender who makes the

What a way to mark your 100th cap:

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Fair play to Conte because Christensen came in today (after an up and down last few matches himself) and looked better than Luiz has in the last 3 or 4 games for me. Luiz has his pros and cons like anybody else but he’s been clumsy in the last few matches he’s played at center back.

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1 hour ago, Henrique said:

Great. Even after a big win against United semehow we manage to create another crisis. 


1 hour ago, Amblève. said:

For real. This club is pure trash-TV drama at times :lol:

Chelsea FC = Hollywood FC

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Really hope this is another storm in a teacup that's made way worse in the media than it actually is. Especially for someone like David who is a huge influence in the locker room. He is a player who everyone else in the team seems to love so falling out with him can probably spread discontent throughout the squad.

His skill set is totally unique in our team and we need him back 100%.

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3 hours ago, !Hazard! said:

I think Conte will eventually want to play a back four once he gets the left-back he wants. However, as long as Luiz is in the contention for starting XI, we will be stuck with back three as this guy just cannot handle the back four. 


Future defence:

New Left-back - Rudiger - Christensen - Azpilicueta 

That sounds really good to me.

Yup pretty much this. 

I dont see us forever with 3ATB, because it creates either no proper width in 3:5:2 (plus exposed space for opponent between winback and CB) or only two midfielders in 3:4:3

Juve vs real was evident example why 3;5:2 is flawed. Only one wingback against winger and fullback is not going to work.

Never mind defensive solidity isnt realy much better in 3ATB than 4ATB. Defending is more about personell rather tactics.

So I guess 3Atb was more temporary, fitting current players.

Luiz is good in back 3, but not in back 4 so I can see we will replace him sooner or later.

Shame, because he is excellent character. Personaly wouldnt mind using him in midfield, but it wont happen. 

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Conte's post match about Luiz stung, I hope this doesn't turn into another Costa saga. Every season one thing or another. But I like it that Conte is bringing back respect the manager attitude. The Club comes first then the manager and then the players. The players should do everything the manager wants them to. if I remember correctly SAF gave a interview in press once saying that United players must earn the right to wear the United Jersey. With Conte I have the same feeling. 


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I don't think this will turn into another Costa-type situation. Luiz seems like a nice lad and I don't think he has an ego that big.

The only thing that makes me a little skeptical is that Antonio made this public.

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7 hours ago, The Skipper said:

Hope this gets settled. Would also like to see Luiz in the LCB role. Might be perfect. 

Hopefully dropping Luiz acts like a catalyst for the rest of the team...as our next 3 fixtures are gonna be tough. 

West Brom (A) - they always play better against us...just like Palace :(

Qarabag (A) - must win if we want to progress in UCL 

Liverpool (A) - hopefully our wingbacks can keep up with Salah and Mane

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Luiz is due back in training with Conte on Wednesday afternoon and his axing for the Manchester United game is not being likened to the situation of Diego Costa.

Costa had asked to leave the club on at least three occasions before falling out with Conte, while Luiz was punished for poor form and questioning his manager’s approach.

What happens next for Luiz is entirely in his own hands. If he displays the right attitude and a willingness to fight for his place, then it is believed he will be given every opportunity to win his place back in Conte’s squad.

But Conte made it abundantly clear during a stormy meeting last week that any player who does not follow his path will be frozen out.

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yeah good points! I'm just not sure it's something that comes easy for Luiz. I think that he needs to be 100% physically and mentally to be able to play his game, or else any shortcut he takes punishes the team. 

heh wish someone would go back in time, say 7 years, and tell folks that Luiz will always be a quirky defender. that his improvement in concentration and composure will only be modest.

While he had stints in midfield, some with amazing results (fantastic goals and so), he was never really switched to midfield: midfielder schedule working on stamina and mobility. Not to mention playing enough games there to get used to it. All his characteristics point to a very good midfielder imo... oh well I guess that boat has sailed.

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