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Why Terry is on his last legs.

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I'm going to make this short, sharp and efficient.

Terry is too much of a problem(On and off the field) to be a starting player for Chelsea. With the emergence of Cahill and Luiz I believe they should be the starting pair for most matches. They're both young, energetic and fantastic defenders, and Terry should not stand in the way of that.

Terry causes to much controversy. His family history (drug dealing dad, stealing mother), smashing a team-mates ex who then had to retire from International Football because he didn't want to play with Terry, the whole racism issue which still hasn't been dealt with, and his captaincy got stripped from him TWICE, and the whole conundrum forced Capello to quit the English job and plunged the team into the abyss.

Talking before the final, Merkel said to Cameron: "Terry is not there" to which Cameron replied: "That’s good." Merkel then asked "Don't you like him?" to which Cameron replied: "He's said some bad things."

When the prime minister says something like that, you know it's serious.

Is John Terry really the person that should be the face of Chelsea?

Ask any non-Chelsea fans to tell you one reason they don't like Chelsea and most will say because John Terry is there.

On the footballing side, he is losing it aswell. Yes, he occasionally scores goals and makes some class tackles but so do Cahill, Luiz and Ivanovic. The occasional slip has cost us at times (Moscow, Van Persie and Jordan Henderson) and his stupidity almost did (Red card vs Barca).

In the FA Cup final, Carroll (ffs) bamboozled him with a step over inside the penalty area and scored. He got nutmegged 3 times in like 20 minutes against the 4-1 defeat against Liverpool. He opened his legs more times than a female in the playboy mansion. He slipped allowing Henderson to score and he didn't pick up Carroll when Agger scored.

We need to look at Liverpool for example, Carragher is now on the subs bench regularly and rightly so.

It's time to move on and stop looking at John Terry to be the face of Chelsea. At his age he isn't going to get better and his injuries will get worse.


I leave you with this:

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Absolutely agree with you.

I think this is going to be Terry's last season in football. He's having to have injections every game and it's going to come to a point where he can't do it any more otherwise he will really damage himself.

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Very much agree with you but controversy aside, he's one of our greatest legends ever and i'll never forget what he's done for our club, he puts his body on the line and always slaps the badge because he loves the club more than anything.

Carragher, Ferdinand, Terry = The end of an era. Same can be said about Lampard, Gerrard and Scholes too i guess although those 3 still have big parts to play at times where experience in the middle of the pitch is huge.

I agree tho, our back 4 should be Ivanovic - Cahill - Luiz - Cole. Those 2 in the middle made their Chelsea careers last Saturday. If JT and Lamps carry on for another 2 years tho, i'm still happy because JT is still a great defender and he's still the captain. Everyone has bad games but he never had much pace anyway so he can play for a bit yet iif he chooses to.

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The Luiz/Cahill partnership has potential but both consistently look better when playing alongside Terry. It's easy to look simply at the negatives, look at some of the positives. His displays in the second leg against Napoli and the first leg against Barcelona were nothing short of heroic.

While there will come a time for Terry to play a smaller role this isn't that time. He is still a world class centre back, a vital part of the team and the true leader in the squad.

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I honestly think everything that SHM has said in his post, I agree with 100% but you have to remember what JT has done for our club! If it wasn't for his leadership and determination to keep going, we wouldn't have all these trophies in our cabinet! Yes he has made mistakes along the way that has allowed players to go on and score (a la van Persie, Henderson) but no man is invincible if you go through one or two blips in your form.

I think Cahill and Luiz should be our preferred pairing next season, with Ivanovic playing either as RB or a backup CB, and have JT there as an on and off starter... it will all depend though, on how the following season goes.. if it's not going so well at the beginning, we will need to keep playing our stronger more experienced side, until things improve!

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JT has always played through injury for this club and I can't see him giving that up. I agree he is going to retire prematurely by a year or two, but you can expect him around for a while yet. He will psychologically never be beaten.

Since we have his love-child alongside him ready to take up the skipper's armband, I think we're in good hands!


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I remember this kind of word said when Lampard was in bad form. But when you look now, he was one of the main player for us winning the double.

Terry is World Class defender and best leader in Europe (along Zanetti).

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How can Chelsea fans not see what John does on the field for Chelsea?

He was the best defender in the world, he still is one of the best. But what John Terry offers is much more than his own performance. Most importantly, JT offers organization at the back and even in midfield. He is an inspiration to every Chelsea player if there ever was one.

The role of a true leader on the pitch is very underrated. I know it is a cliche, but the team is not the same without him.

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one point you should reconsider ,,, people don't hate Chelsea because of JTerry they hate him because of Chelsea.

yes his career will no doubt by shortened by injuries,, and we have done well to get Luiz and cahill but he J T isnt ready for the Knackers yard yet

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