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A transfer market review.

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I am sorry for creating this topic if it was not meant to be created, but I really want to give a little review to what should be "the most important transfer window" since the Mourinho era. I am not giving wanting everybody to say I want RB, ST etc.e tc. and give there list of players and tactics. My point is to take a look at the position which "we may" and "we need" to fill. I would like us to comment on how realistic our chances are about the players shown, give additional player which could be a choice for us and etc. SO, again, I'm saying sorry, but this is not the kind of topic like the one "Which one would you sign? " , but mostly a basic discussion topic on our transfer targets and the versatility of our "try to build a new spine".

So I will start:

With the likes of Bosingwa reaching his contract end I am considering that we may need a new right-back. I am all for the idea of that being Hutch and not the Azpiliciueta dude or whatever his name was. If he has the pace and the cross, and the defensive ability, he could be a sub until he fully recovers, then claim the spot with the coming - up Todd Kane to challenge him. If we do buy right backs our people should be:

Gregory Van Der Wiel - Ajax - 23 years old

Cesar Aspilicueta - OM - 22 years old

I am not thinking there are other Right-backs that are up for the job except these two. Only Montoya from Barca, but he will be wanting to return and is a Catalan so there is no point. If you would add some right-backs that would be great. :)

Next up is the Central Midfield:

Considering that I don't want a CM to be bought because of our Josh, I still think we may REALLY need him to keep a string of Good - Form Performances. I will take a moment to analyze our current midfield with basic - words and not too much talk. Obi - at just 24 proved to be the calmest of players in the final and to be a great force in helping the defence. He is safe. Essien - Sorry to say that the Bison is gone. The 3 operations have ruined him and I think his time has come. Lampard - He started playing the Deep Lying Playmaker role this season because of his age. Smart move. Combined very well with Obi. Ramires - I see him more as a winger due to his pace and trickery. Having that said he could still play in the midfield, but I don't know how he could handle a DLP role. Meireles - from DMC to AMC he is up for the job and his european experience is more than enough to keep him for atleast a season more. Mata is an AMC, not talking about him. Romeu - 3rd hole after the departure with AVB, but surely a good back - up for Obi? Josh and KDB are coming back from loans I don't see any point in buying a CM for now, but with that put into consideration we have :

Luka Modric - 26 years old - Tottenham

Wesley Sneijder - 29 years old - Inter

Yohan Cabaye - 26 years old - Newcastle

I can't think of any other because I just want to hurry up finishing the thread so you can add any you remember.

Wingers: Main Problem and most needed!

Having Marko Marin , KDB, Studge and Ramires is good. Probable departures face Kalou and Malouda. But how many except Marko are true wingers? And with Marko's injury proneness and with him having to get used to England a little bit and etc. etc. how many actual wingers do we have. Mhm, yes 0. But you already know that, so I am not going to waste my time here. We need real reinforcements,badly. And if we can cover the left flank good with Marin we deffo. need a TOP - class winger that will be a vocal point in our team. There is a few I could think of think that would make that count:

HULK - probably our best option along with Hazard. I know I like him a little bit too much due to his physicality, but he really has everything needed for the EPL and on top of that a free slot, exactly, in the Right Winger spot. Cutting in as an Inside Forward. Shots, Passes, he can feed Torres. Having him and Marin both doing that exact same thing and with a bit of practice in pre-season could form the same thing Bayern have in the face of Robben and Ribery. Forming that out in the next season could be the start of something big.

Hazard - Exactly the same as Hulk, EXACTLY. Pass, speed, shot, dribble. Inside Forward. Free slot to jump in the starting line - up. Even younger than Hulk. Only thing that troubles me: His attitude for media attention and the Real saga with him and Zidane.

Kagawa - Many of you think he plays in the position as Mata,but that's not that correct. The Japanese attacker has the same stats as Hazard, maybe replacing the dribble with creativity. He can cut in as Inside Forward using the speed and determination only a Japanese would have. Putting him in the winger spot could be crucial, but could be a winner and I think it would be the second. Mostly because I am an optimistic fellow.

Lavezzi - I think he is Inter bound. Seria A bound. Oh, and Old to keep for "the new Spine". But he still could a genuine shot.

Lucas Moura - I haven't watched him and I admit I know nothing about him except an article in the FourFourTwo magazine. With reading that I think he has the potential, but some say he takes time on the ball. Something not given in the EPL. Having pace, speed and creativity is good. He would probably fit - in with his Brazilian mates, but he would still have to adapt only at the age of 19/20. Whilist Hazard, Kagawa and Hulk know Europe and are determined to prove the world they are born winners, I have my doubts of this little energized Brazilian. Even that said, I would be very excited of having him play for us.

Angel Di Maria and Pedro - They both have problems at their clubs. I don't see why snatching them would be a problem. Di Maria would win us lots of tackles with his speed and..diving, but his recent form has been a drag. He always rolls , argues with referees, but has the class and the stats to prove it. He wants a bigger paycheck and Real are not willing to give it to him, I don't see why we can't offer it. Pedro is a different story. Him and Afellay are left cold with the coming in Cuenca and Tello along with the acquisition of Sanchez(I am not even going to post Messi) and Villa. If he wants regular football he could think about it and he could consider joining a club where he could play a vital part. I can't believe he would not want to return to Barca one day, but having him in the club could be a great piece of business.

Adam Johnson - A personal favourite of mine that has fallen out of City's plans. An exact Inside Forward and British. I have the utmost confidence in his readiness to prove Mancini wrong.

Gareth Bale - Would love to snatch him out of the Channel 5 because of being the Kings of Europe. Once inform this guy has no brakes and I am beyond any doubt for him. He said it himself that No CL, with mean a Goodbye to Tottenham. If he wants that Left Winger spot , he can have it here, but I don't want to see him going to City , Barca or even United for that matter. He would be a dream in a Chelsea jersey..atleast for me.

Last, but not least:

Strikers: Having to see Didier Drogba leave was something Tragic for all of us. As I certainly can't see nobody replacing him. Not now, not never. But we need to add a striker. I am a big fan of Torres. Love him with all my heart and will support him. But what if he doesn't come up when he is needed? What do we do then? Experiment with Studge on the ST role, where he has played only 45' this season? Or Lukaku, who in my opinion should gain regular first team experience on a loan?

We have lots of options here, but our probably best would be an unexpected hero.

Edin Dzeko - This is the guy that come close to Drogba. Either him or Ba are both pacy, tall and physical strikers. I certainly believe he would be the big shot with the service of good wingers, his own and abilities and the leadership of Terry and Lamps. With him too faling out of favor for the midget-Argetinians Tevez and Aguero, he could be wanting here, who knows?

Edinson Cavani - If you ask me , I have load of favourite strikers, but he is my most. Worth every penny if we buy him and adapts quick. He comes back deep to take the ball, helps the wingers, has a DEADLY shot and knows exactly where to be. He is weird mixure of Chicharito and Rooney if you put it that way, but probably lot better when it comes to goalscoring. And we have to thank Walter Mazzari for that. If he..has the service from the midfield.. he would mix into it and become something that you may well be wanting to avoid on a normal Saturday/Sunday evening.

Radamel Falcao - El Tigre. Heh, he went from a whirwind at Porto to a tornado at Atletico and now is wanted by every Striker needing club on the planet. Would love him here. Him and Hulk would be a great choice to combine and know each other very well. He has every stat to break everything needed in the EPL. At the peak of his career he could be an awesome acquisition , but would heavily cost. But who wouldn't? And when you have a striker with everything needed to be the new leading star for the European Kings, heck, why not?

Demba Ba - A small fee, for such a player is abysmal. He would be great if he can fill the shoes of a big club like us, expecially now. I doubt he would leave the Geordie Toon though.

Gonzalo Higuain - Dissapears in big games, wins the little ones. How important could that be? Well, not that much, considering we need a regular scorer not only to newly coming Southampton and WBA, but to the likes of City, United and etc. Besides, he doesn't want to leave Real.

Leandro Damiao - I see him as a nice player. He is something like Van Persie. Pacey, creative, but mostly scores when he is given an opportunity, not that much to create it himself. The so called Advanced Forward/Trequarist if I am not mistaken. He would not cost much, but he could be a potentially big hit.

Given the FFP into consideration we have to balance the books, but with the profit of the resent Sauber and Audi deals and the bonus from being the European Champions, we should not be that worried. I don't think spending 50 - 60 million for just two positions is good, but "The Goal justifies the funds".

Well that's it from me. And since I've wasted a whole hour writing this I am leaving you to give opinions, discuss and add players. :)

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