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If Chelsea were a movie, who would be the actors?

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Kinda silly question, I know. I was watching a movie with Tim Roth the other day, and I couldn't help but think how well suited he would be to play Roman Abramovich. So I was wondering that maybe with the help of the community's borderless horizon, we could put together a cast for most of the team, including the backroom staff and the board. Whoever comes to your mind the most suitable to play somebody connected to the Chels, name them.

So yeah, I would appoint Tim Roth to play the big emperor himself.


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Top Posters In This Topic

Djimon Hounsou I presume?

Also, Angelina Jolie to play Eva.. anyone? :whistling:

Yep that's him, and Labrinth the singer to play Malouda, they look alike.

And CM Punk out of that WWE to play Meireles cause they look alike a lot!.

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Someone massive to play Drogba. That big guy, ex-NFL player from Everybody Hate's Chris. Can't remember his name, though.

LMFAO!, you mean that dude out of white chicks?


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1. Robert Deniro ( Roman)


2. Emile Hirsch (Juan Mata)


3. Djimon Hounsou (Didier Drogba)


4. Anthony Mackie (Ryan Bertrand)


5. Larenz Tate (Ashley Cole)


6. Taye Diggs (Solomon Kalou)


7. Chris Pine (Fernando Torres)


8. Sean Patrick Thomas (John Obi Mikel)


9. Aaron Johnson (David Luiz) Needs to grow out hair


10. Jake Gyllenhaal (Gary Cahill)


10. Common (Bosingwa)


11. Ryan Gosling (Petr Cech)


12. Idris Elba (Florent Malouda)


13. Christian Bale (Frank Lampard)


14. Jude Law (John Terry)


15. Al Pacino (RDM)

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This season for Chelsea was like the Helms Deep scene in LoTR The Two Towers. Death and defeat all but guaranteed, no hope of victory, everyone against us.

Gandalf(Drogba) swoops in and saves the day.

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