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All jokes aside, Di Matteo "stepping down" from the position might be the best option for him...

He's done more than what was asked of him; more than the optimists amongst us could even dream of and brought us home two trophies at the end of a subsequently lacklustre season. The second half of the season he managed to turn the results and performances on their heads, but that's irrelevant. He's managed to achieve what all other managers have failed to do: bring back the highly-coveted Champions League trophy back to London.

In his current predicament, though, where does this leave him? He's achieved so much with so little, it's only a matter of time before his [and our] luck wears thin and we're right back where we started. He's raised the standards once again, but this may prove to be his downfall if he is offered the job on a permanent basis. He's not a proven negotiator so we don't know how well he'll fare in the transfer market. That said, winning the Champions League may help to entice a few fresh faces. Yes, Luka, I'm speaking to you!

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Funny.This Football wins you Champions League.

LOL off course i was kidding. cant belive you thought i wasnt :D

The way we won it- i wouldnt replace it in any other way. It couldnt be more amazing.

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lmao imagine if he got sacked cause he never won the CL by 3-0, and Roman was like, GTFO BITCH!, YOU DISSAPOINT ME, like one of those asian dicipline fathers.

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In all honesty I don't think he'll stay. He is a legend and this INCREDIBLE Run will never be forgotten. A Cup double (Including our first CL) when our season looked lost under AVB. Arguably the greatest ever season for the club. However I think Roman has his sights set on Guardiola. Even if he doesn't get Pep he wants us to play better, more attacking football. For this reason I think RDM will still not get the job, as remarkable as it may seem.

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now this whole summer business becomes sooo much easier wit the cash from winnin freakin thing and stature we have now. idk why but im soo confident that this summer will be good.

not that we'll buy world class new XI but that transfers will be easier and maybe have stable manager now that we have holy grail!

say will there be UCL parade? and if so what time UK (i'll convert it) thx

Lim goin on limb but chelsea will win it, it was written in the stars!"--gary neville who knew he was chelsea fc fan! hahahaha

great call today wit the always spectacular martin tyler!

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Di Matteo needs to be given the job, i think all us fans should make a petition or something, i might have a word with the admins see if we can get something going on this forum.

We should start a thread tomorrow and try and make something viral, because Di Matteo deserves a chance here!, i'm sorry but you cannot say no to him!.

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