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Centre Halves for the final

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Been Mulling this over in my head since Cahill got injured, and was trying to remember when was the last time this happened to us. Liverpool about 2007 i thin and we ended out with essien and ferreira at centre half, crouch destroyed us. Im hoping neither of these two play CH on saturday but cant think of what else we could do.

Found a site which rates our options http://www.sshoosh.com/2012/05/15/chelsea-defensive-crises/ dont like the thought of Bossy and Drogs, but they seem to like it

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At this point pray for Luiz and Cahill to stay fit. If something goes wrong with that, I'd rather see Essien or Mikel slot in before Bosingwa. It'd leave us more depleted in midfield, but that can be remedied with Kalou playing more withdrawn, or playing Torres with Drogba.

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I will lick my nutsack if Cahill and Luiz won't be fit. Even though there were/are doubts, I always knew deep down they would make it, there just is no other way. Any other central defence pairing with the current crop would be disaster, and there is no way that would happen with the way luck has been smiling at us so far. Actually, it's belittling to call it luck, things just have found a way to end up just right for us. Heck, the universe probably made Terry get the red card, because Cahill & Luiz are destined to contain them and marshall us to glory. Who knows, we might not have beaten Barcelona with 11 men either, but seemingly impossible odds made the boys fight twice as hard and got us through. They thrived on the opponent's arrogance and mega-favourite status after that. Take no prisoners mentality kicked in.

It's also worth noting that both of our most important players somehow managed to recover just in time for the game. Coincidence? Most likely. But one of the things I learned in school about fairytales - the stage duality law. It means if there are two characters and a third one comes in picture, then one of them will disappear. Out go Brana and JT, in come Gary and mophead.

I'm by far the most unreligious and unsuperstitious guy you can meet, but this is just the feeling I get when reflecting on the season thus far. I'm positive they will start and do good, better than Terry or Ivanovic would. I wouldn't be surprised if Bosingwa put in a Maldini-esque performance either.

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I think Romeu is a good option at CB like KOF suggested. He has great balance and core strength, is hard to push off the ball and generally makes great tackles.

That is if one of Cahill or Luiz is unfit.

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