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Drogba 11th minute

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I realy cant Imagine Chelsea without Drogba. This would be nice gesture at SB if he actualy leaves.

But that would mean we go after another striker, I guess. We cannot depend on Torres whole season alone.

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Daily Mail have written a news article on this.

They're watching us :ph34r:

It's hard to think of Chelsea without thinking of Drog, he's almost a household name, all those memories, Just hope a deal can be struck and he can stay with us for a while longer.

As it happens I'm going on sunday, I hope everyone joins in to salute the big man! blue%20scalf.gif

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What a legend and I don't say that often. My favorite player of the Roman era. Showed up schevchenko and showed up Torres he is one of a kind. It's gonna be emotional seeing him go. We all say Terry is Mr Chelsea but the drog n lamps are a close second. I read his book and he didn't want to join us. But you can tell now he is a true blue!

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what a player!!! what a striker!!! what a wonderful person!!! THE BIG MAN.

i hope the tribute would be for nothing and he will stay another season. if he does not then WE SHOULD RETIRE THE 11 JERSEY because there simply cant be another 11 as good as him.

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Almost always digs the team out of adversity. I remember Everton at the Goodison a few years ago. 2-2 with little time left, he chests the ball facing away from goal, turns and smashes a dipping volley over tim howard and into the net. no one in the world can do that except him. Eventhough his goals have dried up in the last 2 seasons, he still managed to score against spurs, barca, and that all-important first goal against Napoli. This is the end of an era at Chelsea when Didier drogba is no longer upfront to win the aerial challenges. I hope Stamford Bridge erupts in the 11th minute

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yes, and numbers 1, 8 and 26 when the current players with those numbers left/retired

That's just ridiculous, not even the great Raúl had his jersey retired at Real Madrid.

I agree with JT's 26, at least that would be feasible, considering it's not an a-typical first team number. Numbers 1-11 however, should never be retired, as a rule of thumb.

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