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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2


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I have to work with teenagers sometimes -ones in limbo between education and work -one of the most common symptoms for their feckless disengaged outlook on life, when pressed, in the last year was playing Call of Dooty all hours of the night...more of the same to come then.... :cry:

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  • Played CoD1 and beaten it. Great game.
  • Played CoD:United Offensive: Great expansion, a bit difficult though.
  • Played CoD2 and beaten it. Enjoyed my time and it was the first FPS if I remember right that included the regenerative health and removed the usual number for the remaining health. It also changed the usual always seen hud to the one that appears when you actually need to see it. The basics of CoD4-MW3 engine were used on it also.
  • Played CoD4 and beaten it. Enjoyed really a fucking lot. Multiplayer was epic and I spent countless hours in it. Brilliant game and best one in the series.
  • Played CoD5 and beaten it. Good game, though I was a bit bored with WW2 after enjoying the modern conflict in CoD4. Mp40 in multiplayer was...Messi of PES.
  • Played MW2 and beaten it. It was alright, and I liked the idea of IW to grow the multiplayer with more weapons, perks and gamemods and I was actually really fired up when before the game was released. I was disappointed with their treatment of the players and refusal to change some things that would make the game even better, but they earned so much money on it they didn't care...still I had some good times playing it. I also played a good part in the moding community and met some great people there.
  • Played Black Ops and beaten it. I liked the fact that they developed a deeper story, though I didn't play multiplayer a lot. From what I heard and read, it was good but somehow...boring. I guess it didn't ignite the same fire MW2 did.
  • MW3...I didn't play. I was expecting a lot more from it rather then a repacked SP and a repack MP with a couple of new features. Same old engine and same things. Simple money grinding...

CoD went noob friendly and tried to be commercially successful. Now, I won't judge them for that because money is money but it just stopped being that it was...the game is full of 10y old retards who instead of wasting 5-6 hours a day and swearing like crazy in front of their TV/Monitor should be out playing with their friends and doing sport. It's full of tiny/fat twats who just want to be awesome which is something you get a feel you are when you run with a Magnum and a knife, dodge a fucking airstrike and a chopper and then slash a guy with an Ak47 or when you jump, do a 360 and no scope someone with the Barret .50 cal (that you actually need to lay down to shot). It's just...

People just going for killstreaks and trying to kill as much as possible...camping...swearing blah blah blah...no teamwork and support...

And besides, I was getting pissed of waaay to easily for my age and intelligence...

So...I'll probably check the SP for the sake of it since story was good in BO1 and then I shall remove it from my HD...

But nothing can take this away from CoD, it is one of the most iconic and influental shooters that were ever made. I really enjoyed my time with it and I killed god knows how many people :D

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I fucking love MW3. The people who hate it are, more than probably, just shit at it, and/or BF fanboys! Granted it isn't as good as MW2 (based purely on the fact its essentially the same game with new maps), but I fucking love the game. I have games like FIFA, Assassins Creed, Batman Arkham City etc. etc., yet this is the one I always turn to. Great game.

Black Ops was shit and this looks as bad.

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Rest assured, I'm in the minority when I say that I'm looking forward to this release. Well, not so much the release and the sad, little fan-boys that will queue up for the game and then miss school the next day simply to gain an upper hand on prestige levels against their mates. I am, however, looking forward to the campaign mode and, more importantly, zombies. Not too into the multi-player on Call of Duty games in general, though Black Ops was the one I spent the most time on "prestiging". I won't be doing the same this time, though. I'll beat the campaign on veteran and then play the shit out of the zombie maps.

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Games released on Tuesday i believe so who's ordered there copy? :)

My roommate did. He plays on the same PSN you have (that is why I am always online).

He is very very good, I am just an ocasional player!

Once the game arrives, I can kickyour ass...

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Games released on Tuesday i believe so who's ordered there copy? :)

Of course, the two essential ps3 purchases of the year are COD and Fifa... Even when i am not overpleased with the previous games they are still a must buy.... Looking forward to it, especially the pick 10 system... :)

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COD MW, was the original and the best, in terms of maps and the fact that this whole multiplayer experience was reveloutionary. World at war was a bit shit as i am not a huge fan of world war 2 games (like WW2 films though), then MW2 was good as well, they techniaclly improve each time but compared to the significance of COD 4 it wasn't that good. Black ops was good as well and a little bit different though it was a bit weird going back to older weapons. MW3, was pretty much MW2.5 which wouldn't be an awful thing but the maps wern't exactly great. Black ops 2, looked to have changed a lot more than previous games have and providing the maps and guns are all good then it should be an enjoyable title. The biggest problem is being the biggest FPS in the world allows them to reproduce the game many times and rely in the name to sell it. I.e. Black ops was the biggest selling video game in history.

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