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Pensioners & The Right Winger Conumdrum


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Chelsea’s Oldboys and an exciting New German

The end of season transfer window ominously looms the horizon, every Chelsea fan knows what will happen in this two month span; the reconstruction of the squad. Whether this is brings anxiety or elation is relative to each person, but one thing is certain; reconstruction is necessary. Chelsea’s 25 man squad has an average age of 27.32 years with seven players over the age of 30 (Ashley Cole 31, John Terry 31, Florent Malouda 31, Frank Lampard 33, Paulo Ferreira 33, Didier Drogba 34 and Henrique Hilário 36) and six players nearing the age of 30 (Branislav Ivanović 28, Fernando Torres 28, Petr Čech 29, José Bosingwa 29 and Raul Meireles 29). Age is a major problem for the Pensioners with players already in steep decline and others steadily approaching decline, the Oldguard or Chelsea’s spine for the last eight years is in the worst shape. Most consider the spine to compose of Cole, Terry, Malouda, Lampard, Ferreira (some would argue against this), Drogba and Čech. The age of these seven players averages out to 31.71 about four years older than the average of the entire squad. With such and old squad it is easy to scream “YOUTH” but If Chelsea were to sign promising potentials we would surely end up in a similar position to our much maligned rivals; Arsenal. They may have a better position than us in the League but the cold hard fact is that with their youth policy they have not won a credible trophy since 2005. A balance of youth and veterans must be acquired if CFC wants to continue winning silverware.

Chelsea’s newest recruit is German Winger Marko Marin signed for about €7-8 Million from Bundesliga club Werder Bremen. Marin stands at the same height as both David Silva and Juan Mata (170cm) but is considerably more diminutive in stature. People have been worrying that the physicality and competitiveness of the Premier League may be too much for the little German too handle, but the Bundesliga is very similar in terms of competitiveness and physicality compared to England’s top flight, so the transition should be relatively smooth for Marin. Marin can operate on either flank and has ambidextrous feet though his right foot is his natural preference. At Werder Marin usually operated as an Inverted Winger playing on the left side; this is where he shone brightest. Thunderous shots from outside the box, chips balls, through balls, and direct dribbling were all of Marin’s strengths and aided by his incredible agility and acceleration he was able to skin many Fullbacks alive. Marin’s finishing is probably his most disappointing quality scoffing many of chances, but hitting the post or just completely missing the target. But don’t be disheartened Marin was not bought for his goal scoring prowess but for his ability to add width to attack which is something CFC has lacked since the days of Robben and Duff. Whether Marin is intended to be a starter or simply a backup is anyone’s guess but only time will tell.

It has been said many times but it will be said again Chelsea’s main concerns are the Right Winger, Right Fullback, Central Midfield and Centre Forward positions.

The Right Winger Conundrum

Juan Mata, Daniel Sturridge and Florent Malouda all natural left footers, have the ability to play as an Inverted Winger on the Right Wing, though it has to be said that Malouda is past his peak, Mata is suited to the Trequartista Role and Sturridge thinks he is a CF and refuses to pass to other players. That leaves Salomon Kalou, Kevin De Bruyne and Marko Marin to fill the RW role. Kalou is a good dribbler, decent finisher and average passer but simply put he has the ‘footballing intelligence’ of a ten year-old. De Bruyne is looking more and more likely to be loaned out next season and lacks the pace needed for such a role. That leaves only Marin. As stated earlier Marin prefers to play as an Inverted Winger in the LW role but it is entirely possible he was bought to play on the RW. Numerous players have been discussed for the RW role but the most realistic seem to be:Hulk, Ezequiel Lavezzi and André Schürrle.


Hulk for all intent and purpose is an Inverted Winger. He is 25 years-old and currently contracted to FC Porto. A powerful and accurate left foot, precision dribbler and muscles that would rival Didier Droba’s; Hulk seems to be made for England. Hulk divides opinion but the fact is that he is a monster down the Right Flank and will add a fearsome factor to any team. Hulk will cost an arm and a leg; upwards of €35 Million but his buyout clause is €100 Million. Other suitors are Manchester City and CFC will face stiff competition in the quest of signing Hulk.

Appearances: 36

Goals: 19


Ezequiel Lavezzi:

Lavezzi is 27 years-old and is just entering his prime. Very fast and a very good dribbler, he can play on either flank and can fill in as a Striker if needed. Lavezzi is one third of Napoli’s famous attacking trio and possibly the most important. While being competent in the scoring and assists department, Lavezzi’s main asset is his ability to open up defences using his pace, dribbling and off the ball movement. Lavezzi won’t be cheap but he will be considerably cheaper than Hulk. Lavezzi’s buyout clause is rumoured to be around €27 Million. Once again the other team in Manchester is giving stiff competition when it comes to transfers. Bastards.

Appearances: 37

Goals: 11

Assists: 9

André Schürrle:

Schürrle plays as an Inverted Winger and Attacking Midfielder for Bayer Leverkusen. Right footed , fast, and technical, Schürrle is the typical efficient German Footballer. Standing 184cm tall with short blonde hair you could easily mistake Schürrle for the stick insect Peter Crouch. However at 22 Schürrle is already twice the player that Crouch could ever dream to be. Schürrle is a hard worker and will often help the Fullbacks with their defensive duties, this is an admirable trait as CFC’s current Wingers can be easily described as ‘lazy’. The cheapest and youngest of the three Schürrle may cost around €15 Million.

Appearance: 39

Goals: 8

Assists: 3

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Be gentle with me it's my first article. :blush:

If anyone likes this I will write about the other positions too.

An excellent article and although I dont agree with some minor points it has the merit of thoroughness and a lack

of hype ..WELL DONE,

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An excellent article and although I dont agree with some minor points it has the merit of thoroughness and a lack

of hype ..WELL DONE,

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback.

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I'd like to see Schurrle. Sounds like a Kalou, a hard working, honest bloke to contrast against the glamorous 'shoot every time I'm on the ball' approaches of Malouda and Sturridge.

Kalou does not get enough credit for his work rate.

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you're really going for the 2012 awards :D

It's made me realise that most of my posts are rather poor. I've tried to up my game and contrinute more to the site.

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It's made me realise that most of my posts are rather poor. I've tried to up my game and contrinute more to the site.

There's no need to do that, we'd miss your presence if you left even if you didn't 'up your game' :wub:

More importantly:


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Since when do you get a notification for receiving a like?

Two or three months now, since we changed the rep system to "likes". When was the last time you got a like Jai? :o:P (There's probably some box in your profile settings that you need to check or something)

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