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2 hours ago, MoroccanBlue said:

Can someone educate me on this? If we knew Putin/Russia would react this way by having NATO in Ukraine, why did they proceed on doing so? 

You got it backwards. There never was nato in Ukraine. That why it is under attack 

the mistake by nato was agreeing to demilitarisation and not employing enough troops in Eastern Europe. 

putin never wanted security guarantees. All he ever wanted was to destroy democracies and restore Russian power on the continent 

all diplomacy was a sharade. He always wanted war and now just fabricated a reason. 
power is the only language he understands 

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16 minutes ago, Fulham Broadway said:

Geopolitically will probably back fire on Putin - with Sweden and Finland feeling jittery they will seriously consider joining NATO

Exactly. Many nations will turn to the west and its allies for protection now

Huge strategic error.


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