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Barcelona v Chelsea - Semi Final Second Leg Preview


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Mention the year 2009 to any Chelsea fan and you will immediately see the pain in his eyes when the memories of 6th of May return. Probably the biggest injustice in the history of European football and yet Chelsea were labeled as bad guys of football after it. Guus picked a defensive approach into the game with the decision to defend even when Barcelona had a man less which was used to label Chelsea once again, the enemy of football. Not only that our players have felt the injustice of the Norwegian referee but they also felt the injustice of people attacking them for their defensive approach and were almost saying it was right for the ref to not to give a penalty or were either looking away because "football had won".

Therefore, after that match, many Chelsea fans along with players grew a lot of hatred towards Barcelona because many people would say, injustice hurts the most. They grew a hatred that, if properly used and sparkled, can help us tremendously on our road to Munich and writing the history yet again.

Let's be realistic, it's not going to be easy and what people need to remember is us reaching the CL semi final at all is quite an achievement so even if we lose at Camp Nou and finish our CL episode for this season we should still be very proud of the boys. It was not easy, but we've proven everyone wrong. We were criticized the most, yet here we are - the only English team still in the European elite competition while media darlings from Manchester struggled even in Europa League.

But, this is also a great chance we have to win the CL and finally fulfill our dream and lads, dreams do come true! We have a good result from the first game with Catalans not being able to score an away goal so if we score one on Tuesday they'll need three, and as we've seen, without Messi, Barcelona don't have a regular goalscorer and Leo has looked rusty in his last 2 games. Their players are also coming into our match from El Clasico, another match they lost while we on the other hand have managed to rest a lot of players and still remain undeafeated. Something, as small as this can be decisive in a match as big as the one this is about to happen.

Even the slightest mistake or bad positioning can destroy the whole tower built throughout the time and Chelsea fans are right to be optimistic about our chances.

How will we enter the match tactically? Well, if we defended against them at home, I'm pretty sure we'll do the same now since it has worked and we have a 1:0 lead from the first match. But honestly, I don't care if Roberto plays 5-5-0 if we go through and I'm pretty sure most of the Chelsea fans think the same. So far, Robbie has done well with his tactics and I'm pretty sure he'll do the same again.

Ivanovic, Ramires, Meireles and Ashley Cole will walk the thin ice as they are 1 yellow card away from missing the next game which hopefully will be in Munich. As for Barcelona, Puyol and Mascherano are in the same situation. It's definitely a good thing to have their 2 defenders in that position.

We have a positive record against Barcelona in the CL won 4, drew 4 and lost 3. We are also the only team to have scored in every match in the CL and we are the side that dealt the most defeats to the Catalans - 4. We are also a team against which Messi has never scored in the Champions League - 7 games played, 0 goals.

"They don't intimidate me, Barca are not invincible."

"This is a game for gladiators, we can eliminate Barcelona."

"Former United keeper Edwin van der Sar said he hoped for the sake of football that Barcelona would triumph in the Nou Camp, personally, I think Chelsea were absolutely spot on in what they did."

"And if they can produce another performance like that, throwing in that bit of luck they also enjoyed at Stamford Bridge, and they are through."

"And I for one will not be bemoaning the death of the beautiful game but one of the greatest triumphs by an English side in European competition."

']“It is far from impossible for Chelsea to go through this game. The Barcelona we saw the other night was not the Barcelona of last year and Chelsea go to the Nou Camp in a better position than we did."

“One-nil is a fantastic result and if Chelsea can score another goal on Tuesday that would be a massive blow to Barcelona."

“When we scored a lucky goal there last year I could see they suddenly became very nervous."

“Chelsea were able to rest eight players against us but Barca had to play their full team on Saturday against Real Madrid."

“Lionel Messi looks a bit tired. He is still dangerous but Chelsea managed to block a few of his shots the other night when usually he has such a short backlift that makes it difficult to do that."

“That means he is not as sharp as he was before so if Chelsea defend like they did in the first leg they have a chance.”

Well said lads, and fully agreed.

What I'm about to say, comes from a neutral point of view, not as a Chelsea fan. For me, European football doesn't need Barcelona lifting the CL trophy again. Why? Because they have made football boring and predictable and I don't enjoy it anymore like I used to couple of years back. Football needs a new European Champion because no matter how good is something you eventually get bored of it and I for one (speaking as a neutral still) have got really annoyed by the all talk of Barcelona's invincibility, amazing Messi, tiki taka football and some crazy statistical numbers being thrown in.

It's time to change things, and Chelsea have the opportunity to do it. Chelsea have the opportunity to be the first London team to lift that amazing trophy and for that, we need to do what many look at as impossible. Well, let me tell you something you dear TV pundits and media experts, that's how bloody legends are made!

Let's give the world something to remember on Tuesday and spit into the faces of all of those doubting, criticizing and attacking us and you know why? Cuz we are famous CFC and we don't give a FUCK whoever you may be!

Keep the faith.

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