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Barcelona - Opposition Views 3


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LeeRomeno from FCBes.com has answered some questions on tonight's crucial Champions League Semi Final First Leg with FC Barcelona!

-Firstly we will start off with an easy question, How long have you supported Barcelona for and for what reason? Since 1992, CL final that year was the first one I ever saw and have been supporting Barca ever since.

-What was your reaction to your quarter-final and semi-final draw? Wasn’t really that much reaction, unlike mat, i was glad we didnt meet with Real on the way to finals, there have been too many el classicos lately. I hated getting Milan though in quarters. As for Chelsea all 3 other teams in semis this year are top-quality teams and its hard to favour one for another.

-Barcelona are currently sitting 4 points off the pace of Real Madrid, with the remaining fixtures do you thing you can sneak the title out of Madrid’s grasp and continue your domination of the La Liga? Well honestly, I think Bilbao game and El Classico are only 2 real chances they will drop points, we will see what happens. I think ever since that 10 point gap, CL has been priority for team and many supporters. La Liga would be unexpected bonus win.

-In the last round you knocked out AC Milan, tell us about the game? Well in a truly fashioned Barca way, we managed to waste a lot of chances in both games. First leg we were a bit lucky they couldn’t produce a goal (Robinho and Ibra had clear chances), second leg we dominated and gave them no chance whatsoever.

-Chelsea v Barcelona has become quite a rivalry in the Champions League, are Chelsea considered one of your biggest rivals now days? Apart from scum, yes, Chelsea and also ManU (due to CL finals and most of our matches being Spanish champion vs. England champion). Although recently, Arsenal and Milan have popped up as opposition quite often as well, no other games have been as dramatic as Chelsea ones though.

-There was a lot of controversy surrounding our previous encounter at Stamford Bridge, do you agree that it was harsh on Chelsea to be eliminated or do you think the result was well deserved? Nope, refs were horrible in both legs, no one could have said how the outcome would have been if all decisions would have been correct. Pique handball was of course clear penalty, then again Abidal getting red was just ridiculous, also Henry was really pulled down in first leg and should have been awarded penalty.

IN any case the refs were bad, but Chelsea should have just finished the game off instead of parking the bus vs. 10 men.

-Looking at your current squad, which player has been a stand out this season? If you had to choose one player that you think would make an impact at Chelsea who would it be and why? Messi, don’t even have to comment on this I guess.

-If you could pick one Chelsea player to join Barcelona who would it be and why? David Luiz, think his mentality and youth could make him ideal replacement of Puyol at some point, not to mention his hair is awesome.

-And finally, what is your prediction for the first leg of our Champions League Semi Final at Stamford Bridge? 1 - 2 Barca wins.

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