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The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

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Fuck yeah my home town team, first live Chelsea game for me since Chelsea Spurs in 2016! 

I live in England! Everyone here supporting Olympiakos too!

if you saw the Spanish forums...

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Some positives are that we aren't going to see Premier League refs like Mike Dean again. As well as teams like Manchester United getting decisions week in week out. It will be interesting to see United without any VAR assistance in the ESL😂

On a serious note though, this thing is going through and we should be happy that we witnessed what true football was like.

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20 minutes ago, DDA said:

Hes hardly complicit in the owners of Man U founding a Super League !

He's been defending them for years, if he found his balls/'morals' sooner he could have got them out (if he was vocal in his discontent of the Glazers many would have followed suit) and therefore cutting out a key player to creating this (Joel Glazer will be vice chairman to this super league). Where was his 'morals' when his employers were charging fans £15 to watch games in the middle of the pandemic?

This movement is largely a reaction to greed from many parties one of which Neville has happily took a wage from for the past decade, he is (alongside many others in the public eye jumping on their highhorse) an accessory as far I'm concerned.

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50 minutes ago, Tomo said:

While I don't want this to happen the sheer level of hypocrisy is mindblowing.

Neville has worked on Sky for a decade and been defending Man.United's owners for even longer, he's complicit in this not a victim.

Yeah, Klopp said it as well...


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52 minutes ago, Tomo said:

While I don't want this to happen the sheer level of hypocrisy is mindblowing.

Neville has worked on Sky for a decade and been defending Man.United's owners for even longer, he's complicit in this not a victim.

I don't remember everything he's said about the Glazers but it still doesn't mean he's wrong in the case and nothing in the past was as bad as this.

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3 minutes ago, NikkiCFC said:

Yeah, Klopp said it as well...


I don't know if it's because English is not his first language but it's funny Klopp always seems to misunderstand things and then go on random rants.

Nothing about what Neville said was wrong. He was criticizing the Liverpool owners because they represent the club, they should live up to the history of the club, what it means but they of course went and did this Super League nonsense. They are both on the same page really, as Neville said. Neither Klopp nor Neville wants the Super League to happen.

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Breakaway Super League clubs Manchester City, Chelsea and Real Madrid are likely be banned from this season's Champions League semi-finals, UEFA executive committee member Jesper Moller has said

"The clubs must go, and I expect that to happen on Friday," Moller, who is the head of the Danish FA, told Danish broadcaster DR on Monday.

"Then we have to find out how to finish (this season's) Champions League tournament.

"There is an extraordinary executive committee meeting on Friday."

The three clubs are part of the 12 clubs who announced on Sunday they were setting up the European Super League as a rival to UEFA's Champions League.

Real Madrid are due to face Chelsea and Manchester City are drawn against Paris Saint Germain, who have not signed up to the breakaway league.

Moller's comments came shortly after UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said he wanted bans on the rebel clubs to be imposed.

"We're still assessing with our legal team but we will take all the sanctions that we can and we will inform you as soon we can," he said.

"My opinion is that as soon as possible they have to be banned from all our competitions and the players from all our competitions."

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28 minutes ago, Azul said:

Some positives are that we aren't going to see Premier League refs like Mike Dean again. 

Are you sure?


5 minutes ago, Azpinator said:

Here comes Papa Florentino to save football! 😍

What a fucking tool.

Yeah, Florentino the savior! Even wants to save biggest rival!


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2 hours ago, Jason said:

Easy to say we should take it on the chin when there's so much at stake here for the players and fans...

And there's no guarantee that the Super League will even happen considering the amount of opposition it has garnered ever since the news broke. 

If anything, I hope the players join forces to fight against this. Owners can't just discard them if the players stand up and fight for it.

Well if the players and managers don’t kick up a fuss that they might get expelled from the CL here, at Real and at City, the owners probably wont take notice bar the money not going into their pockets also. If they don’t care about what the fans think, why would you assume they’d care how the players felt? 

Fair or unfair whatever way you look at it, UEFA, FIFA and the FAs have thrown down what will happen so if the clubs don’t turn away from it, it will happen. And for the good of the game I hope they do.

If those organisations back down now then it will just get even worse. Players and managers have to take a stance and cannot just be bystanders like the spineless muppets in the boardroom here and at City who felt it wasn’t right but still agreed to go for it out of the fear of missing out.

Also if we get expelled from this by Friday like is being predicted, I hope people will understand why its happening and that it will be deserved for the clubs actions. 

It might not happen but the clubs have signed a letter of intent. That is enough of a statement that they intend to join it and they should be punished for that alone as the repercussions it will have globally for the sport is unfathomable. Cant delay it because it hasn’t started yet. They should hammer all 12 clubs in whatever way they can as we’ve discussed and kicking them out the CL this season whilst maybe unfair for the players at these clubs, isn’t completely severe enough either on its own. 

That wee Spanish sap can sit and say all he wants regarding the super league but I tend to think UEFA, FIFA, the footballing associations of various countries and governments who all have the same idea will be more difficult to convince than many people think. Plus football clubs dont like bad PR and oh boy are they going to continue to get it for the foreseeable. So it may come back to it doesn’t go ahead but if it doesn’t the ones who want out or have shown the intentions initially should be punished as it stands. 

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UEFA is most pathetic and crybaby organization ever. Threatening players wont play EURO? Haha they are doing most damage to themself. I do not like this Super League idea completely but I understand clubs.

If any of us have business worth 1m and we have a chance to make 5 times more, will we do it? Yes. So UEFA instead of crying should double their budget and make it 6 billion per season. If they did that clubs would not do this. Sadly, it is all about money...

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we are going to lose a shit tonne of players

UEFA and FIFA are rapidly moving to ban all our players, and women too



FIFA World Cup
Men's Olympic Football Tournament (U-23)
FIFA U-20 World Cup
FIFA U-17 World Cup
Boys' Youth Olympic Football Tournament (U-15)

FIFA Women's World Cup
Women's Olympic Football Tournament
FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup
FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup
Girls' Youth Olympic Football Tournament (U-15)

FIFA Club World Cup
FIFA Youth Cup

FIFA Women's Club World Cup 



UEFA European Championship
UEFA Nations League
UEFA European Under-21 Championship
UEFA European Under-19 Championship
UEFA European Under-17 Championship
UEFA Women's Championship
UEFA Women's Under-19 Championship
UEFA Women's Under-17 Championship

UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
UEFA Europa Conference League
UEFA Super Cup
UEFA Youth League
UEFA Women's Champions League


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'European Super League a hostile takeover from capitalist robber barons'

The European Super League plans of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham have left their fans embarrassed and ashamed


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