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The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

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2 hours ago, Patrick Bamford said:

Good for him leaving Chelsea.  

At Chelsea, he would never starting in a CL game (see Billy Gilmour, they still act like Billy is 16).

Most of our top talents need to leave our club anyway. Bate, Billy, Anjorin and Livramento are too good to just play youth. Loan moves would have been ideal, but Tuchel wanted them to stay

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Fuck yeah my home town team, first live Chelsea game for me since Chelsea Spurs in 2016! 

I live in England! Everyone here supporting Olympiakos too!

There is much need. Much need indeed. Liverpool fans have to be the most annoying, entitled bunch of twats to exist. A little dose of this reality would serve them well if they weren't so delusional.

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La Liga clubs have had a stinker in the Champions League/Europa League first leg...

L Barcelona 1-4 PSG
L Sevilla 2-3 Dortmund
L Atletico 0-1 Chelsea
? Atalanta ?-? Real Madrid

L Real Sociedad 0-4 Man Utd
W RB Salzburg 0-2 Villarreal
W Granada 2-0 Napoli

Wonder which Real Madrid will turn up tonight...

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2020-21 UEFA Champions League, Round of 16

Borussia Monchengladbach             268.png&h=100&scale=crop&w=100&location=origin
Manchester City                                382.png&h=100&scale=crop&w=100&location=origin




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10 hours ago, Strike said:

Feel like Atalanta can hound this Madrid side and win tonight.

Id be surprised if anything else happens. Real without 9 players.

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2020-21 UEFA Champions League, Round of 16

Atalanta                            105.png&h=100&scale=crop&w=100&location=origin
Real Madrid                      86.png&h=100&scale=crop&w=100&location=origin




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17 minutes ago, ZaynChelsea said:

We would have won against Real Madrid.

They are struggling to score against 10 Atalanta players. Disgraceful

look at that team

worst Real side for a game I have seen for a CL match maybe in my life as far as knowing football

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One thing you should know is that when you get to have grand-grand-grand-grand-children Real Madrid will be still winning European cups.
One out of two means "stone years" for Real Madrid.

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14 minutes ago, NikkiCFC said:

Sparta fan? 🤔

Chelsea fan, first and foremost 😄 If Leicester going through means them being more tired and them losing points in the League, then brilliant.

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