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The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2


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zero England players played well, most were utter shit

closest to a barely acceptable games were Reece and Bellingham, and they were WELL off their best


these 3 were utter dogshit

Aaron Ramsdale lol, bring back Piggy!
John Stones pathetic (Marc Guéhi was only marginally better)
Kalvin Phillips (worst game I have seen him play that I can remember)

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Ferencavarosi are sh*t.
Where is Orban's new Puskas team ???
The idiots lost 3-0 at home to the Azeris !


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Real Madrid made a short meal of Eintracht Francfurt in the super cup.
Madrid's main asset is the fast, effective and accurate passing of the ball even in closed spaces.
If the Madrid team gain possession in midfield you are more or less certain they will manage to make a dangerous attack out of it.
They could do this under Zidane as well as now under Ancelotti.
Naturally it's not the same with strong opponents like Chelsea, L'pool, Barcelona as with the weaker sides like Frankfurt.
But this is something to learn from them.


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