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The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

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Bruce Buck was the one involved in discussions for a Super League, other conspirators were never convinced Abramovich was keen on the SL. Particularly with respect to Russian Teams and Sponsors in the CL.

Organisers of the Super League were more interested in negotiating with Levy than Spurs, he has championed the Super League idea for a while

Henry and Glazer started speaking regularly to each other when City started posing a threat, especially when City suppoesdly breached FFP. Kroenke was another willing ally

The idea that Chelsea signed up late seems untrue, Buck concluded that the elite clubs had to sign up with Real Madrid or risk being left behind, implying to me at least that he was involved in discussions

Ed Woodward supposedly acted as the person who was a realist about discussions, what Soriano (City) would call Dr No. Woodward caved the day after the Super League was announced and called Glazer to say he couldn't back the project, as Neville was talking about him Woodward had already quit.

Conversely, European sources say Woodward hadn't opposed the SL and only resigned when the plan went awry

Woodward expected the SL to succeed despite him resigning and is now wondering if he acted too hastily

City were the club Perez was talking about when they said one club had no interest an it affected all the rest

City could've aligned themselves with PSG/Bayern but those two are regarded as Qatari funded and so siding with them seemed unthinkable. FFP was also a factor, in that they still hold a grudge against UEFA

None of the organisers expected the government intervening, the UK's Envoy to the Gulf contacted the UAE to warn it could damage Abu Dhabi's relationship with the UK. Abu Dhabi decided it did not want it to become a diplomatic incident

InHouse Communications, the PR company, was brought in because it was perceived to be close to the PM, after being involved in his 2008 London Mayoral campaign

The bigger problem was that none of the Chairmen/senior board members wanted to execute the PR strategy that had been planned.

Abramovich and Mansour never spoke anyway but Levy was considered not important enough to take the lead and Kroenke was not part of the core group led by the Glazers and Perez

The Glazers did not want to go in front of cameras and Henry was not keen either, nobody wanted to be the one to do it, despite people telling them they needed to convince the public

The SL found out via the media that City/Chelsea were pulling out

The organisation was done via Zoom/Whatsapp/phone calls. One group of the owners, then a separate one for the executives. Some privates groups of certain groupings too.

When it was announced, a lot of the clubs were finding out details from the press release rather than from discussions beforehand

Chelsea started telling department heads on Friday that they were joining but the language made clear that it had been some time in planning

Chelsea is owned for reputational purposes, like City. Chelsea's directors realised that if they tried to stick it out, Abramovich's reputation could be ruined with the supporters and that could not be allowed to happen

City had nothing to lose by withdrawing as they don't really have a relation with other clubs in the PL. Soriano gets on better with Perez

The Super League was being talked about in 2016, Ed Woodward and Ivan Gazidis were invited to give their opinions on it by others in the ECA. Woodward showed little enthusiasm

Bayern were keen enough on the idea in 2016 to check if they could leave in the Bundesliga, but there was strong resistance from their supervisory board and it never went anywhere

Part of the reason the Big 6 made the leap is because the 14 dislike them more now under Masters than when Scudamore was in charge

Klopp has made his feelings clear to Gordon about the SL, FSG were warned about this beforehand and Klopp is still disappointed despite apologies

A foreign Liverpool player was confused before Leeds as to why they were being booed

Henderson mobilised Liverpool opposition after the Leeds game, his leadership was amazing and the rest of the players were all behind him. All of them regard the CL as the pinnacle and did not like the closed shop

A lot of the Arsenal players dislike Kroenke, going back to the pay-cut and subsequent sacking of club staff. The players are increasingly questioning the owner

Levy was infuriated in 2016 when the other 5 of the big 6 were invited to meet an executive from the International Champions Cup

Joe Lewis, the Spurs owner, seems to have been part of the group and likely in on this. But Levy was the one involved in negotiations and was very intent on joining

The SL organisers insist they were deadly serious about financing the women's game to an extent that would make it more on a level with the mens game

The money is regarded as absolutely necessary for Madrid because of their stadium and wanting Haaland/Mbappe

One board member from a Super League club abstained from the vote in the board on joining because he was so torn

The potential bans of clubs from the CL/EL are regarded as not financially sensible as these clubs are the main money generators, but there is anger from a lot of clubs on the continent

Agnelli is denying resigning but it does not seem sustainable for a man hated by UEFA and Serie A to be in charge

Woodward is leaving in the summer, ignore the PR spin about it being the end of the year

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Fuck yeah my home town team, first live Chelsea game for me since Chelsea Spurs in 2016! 

I live in England! Everyone here supporting Olympiakos too!

if you saw the Spanish forums...

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4 hours ago, Blues Forever said:


And this is why Bayern will always win the league. They have way too much dominance and power in the Bundesliga.

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logo football observatory

Global survey of most loyal players per team


While player mobility has increased in recent years, squad stability remains a key success factor in football. Issue number 335 of the CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post highlights the footballers among current squad members having played the most domestic league matches during the last ten years for 540 teams from 35 top divisions worldwide. Sebastián Viera holds the record figure with 395 championship games for Junior de Barranquilla (Colombia).

At European level, Leicester City’s goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel (372 domestic league games) outranks FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi (340) and Manchester United David de Gea (337). Karim Benzema is the current Real Madrid squad member who played the most championship games for the Merengues during the last decade (322), César Azpilicueta (292) for Chelsea, Sergio Agüero (272) for Manchester City and Marco Verratti (221) for Paris St-Germain.

At league level, the average number of games over the last ten years for the most used player per team varies between 263 in the English Premier League and 125 in the Australian A-League. All of the five major European championships are in the top eight position of the rankings. This result shows that stability goes hand in hand with money and that player mobility is exacerbated where clubs lack resources.


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5 hours ago, Mana said:

And this is why Bayern will always win the league. They have way too much dominance and power in the Bundesliga.


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12 hours ago, Blues Forever said:


The Bundesliga is really like Serie A. The smaller teams hire and fire the same managers while the better teams play some sort of musical chair with the managers this season. Rose will be going from Gladbach to Dortmund. Hutter from Frankfurt to Gladbach. Now Nagelsmann from Leipzig to Bayern.

Will be interesting to see how Nagelsmann fare at Bayern, especially when dealing with their crazy board.

7 hours ago, Mana said:

And this is why Bayern will always win the league. They have way too much dominance and power in the Bundesliga.

Better Nagelsmann to Bayern than Spurs.

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Signing of Nagelmann and Upamecano from Leipzig is like Klopp and Van Dijk going to Manchester City.

Bayern's moral cleavage over the Super League about not killing competition is a facade because Bayern are not in a competition in the Bundesliga. They take players and manager of rivals at their whims and caprices.

Farmers League for a reason 

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Farmer League 

Bayern buying who they want after Upamecano now Nagelsman 

I will not be surprised if  they  replace Lewandowski with Haaland 


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