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Tottenham Hotspurs FA Cup - Opposition Views 3


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Coys320 from TottenhamHotspurs.tv has kindly answered some questions on today's FA Cup Semi Final with Tottenham!

- Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to answer the questions. We will start the interview with an easy question, how long have you supported Spurs for? Spurs fan since I was around 10, so that would be around 30 years (give or take a year).

- Tottenham have been a bit up and down as of late, what do you think the reasoning for it has been but more importantly are you happy with the season thus far? Spurs up and down. Well certainly. At the start of the season I would have taken 4th and a semi final clash with Chelsea. In fact I would have bitten your hand off for it. But after being in such a great position it is a shame that we are looking likely to throw it away. Every team has a bad patch and now is ours, but hopefully we'll pull through. The general thoughts of Spurs fans is the uncertainty of Redknapps future, which I agree with to a degree, but I also feel some of our players maybe took a few games for granted and some look a little tired... so all these factors have had a factor.... I still think we'll get 4th, considering the teams around us and their run in (including Chelsea) and as long as we focus.

- Chelsea's defense has been a bit up and down as of late, we have let in some very sloppy goals. Do you think you will pressure us into making the same mistakes? Well you are now missing your influential right back.. I think that could really make a difference (considering he pops up with goals as well). If I were Arry, I would say get at Luiz as much as possible and get him rattled, that boy always has a mistake in him. Terry not 100%, so there could be a weakish link there as well.

- What are your thoughts on Fernando Torres? He has been playing some great football for Chelsea in recent weeks and in slowly finding form again. Do you think he will start finding the net on a more regular basis? I feel sorry for Torres. It just hasn't worked has it. maybe RDM will get some good games out of him, but I think if in the last few games of the season he doesn't hit the net, RA will shift him out whether RDM wants that or not.

- William Gallas was an outstanding contributor to Chelsea's successful run between 2001-06, before leaving Chelsea for Arsenal and then moving on to Spurs. How has he been playing for you? Gallas has been a bit of a revalation to be honest. Dependable and really tries to lead. I wish our team had other characters like him around. Wannabe winners are nothing compared to players to have seen it and done it. Hopefully he'll stay fit for the run in.

- If you had to pick one Chelsea player to join Spurs, who would it be and for what reason? One player from Chelsea who would fit Spurs. Not sure really. It depends on what happens to our squad at the end of the season. Will ade stay or go etc.. but I would certainly think that Drogba still has some good time left. So I would say the Drogs.. other than that maybe Sturridge as I think he has huge potential, not sure how the others would fit, with our current squad and formations. No disrespect here, but I wouldn't pay £5 to have Terry or Cole in the squad. can't stand either of them to be honest for varying reasons.

- Looking at your current squad, which player has been your stand out player this season? If you had to choose one player that you think would make an impact at Chelsea who would it be and why? For Me Parker is top drawer. Without him the likes of Bale, Modric, Lennon etc would not have the freedom. So he's a real essential cog in our machine. We missed Lennon as well, which is why our recent run has been as it has been. It goes without saying that Modric would fit into virtually any team in the world. I also think VDV could suit Chelsea really well.. though touch wood the boys from the end of North End Road won't come and Poach (I used to live on North End Road by the way!!)

- Finally, what do you think the final score will be in our very important FA Cup Semi final encounter? It's a tough call this semi. I fancy Everton against the dippers on Saturday, but our game I really can't be sure. 2 draws this season.. so it could go either way. If Arry plays a straight forward 442, with Lennon on Right and Bale hugging the touchline (which he hasn't recently) I think we;'ll give you blues a real run for your money. If he goes Sandro and Parker in the middle (as long as Parker is fit) then I think that we'll have the possession but just won't score. We'll see. I'll go positive and say 2-1 Spurs. But I certainly wouldn't bet on it.

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