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Tottenham Hotspurs FA Cup - Opposition Views 1


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NSSMuckers from TottenhamHotspurs.tv had kindly taken part in a interview for today's FA Cup Semi Final with Spurs!

- Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to answer the questions. We will start the interview with an easy question, how long have you supported Spurs for? 3 years.

- Tottenham have been a bit up and down as of late, what do you think the reasoning for it has been but more importantly are you happy with the season thus far? I still refuse to believe it has anything to do with the Harry / England speculation, though I'm sure that's the answer you're going to hear quite a bit. I think it's fatigue, lack of depth, naivete shown by our manager, overconfidence, and plain bad luck. I think if you'd have proposed the situation we're in now at the beginning of the year, most of us would have taken it instantly. From that perspective I think overall it's been a good season so far. But considering where we were in December? It's pretty disappointing. We can still make it right, but I'm not sure you'll find a lot of us willing to bet on it.

- Chelsea's defense has been a bit up and down as of late, we have let in some very sloppy goals. Do you think you will pressure us into making the same mistakes? I think we tend to play up or down to our competition (3 thrashings notwithstanding), so we won't make it easy for you. With Ivanovic suspended I can definitely see Bale having some success down the left, even though the unibrow tends to play pretty well against us. I don't know which central defensive pairing we'll see, but I rate both Luiz and Cahill. Having said that, it depends which Luiz shows up. The guy was even making ME nervous against Benfica at Stamford Bridge, but overall I think he's improved a great deal.

- What are your thoughts on Fernando Torres? He has been playing some great football for Chelsea in recent weeks and in slowly finding form again. Do you think he will start finding the net on a more regular basis? Torres was pretty awful against Fulham, but you're correct in pointing out he's definitely improving. I really like Torres and have a hard time believing he's just going to be shit for the rest of his career. There's an elite player still in there somewhere, and I think we'll see it eventually--even if it's not in a Chelsea shirt.

- William Gallas was an outstanding contributor to Chelsea's successful run between 2001-06, before leaving Chelsea for Arsenal and then moving on to Spurs. How has he been playing for you? Gallas was absolutely immense for us last season and since he's been fit he's been important for us this season as well. With King having a few shockers recently it's been important to have Bill playing again. I'd say Kaboul / Gallas is our best defensive pairing at this point. Plus the dude has been a great pro and I wish we had more people with his attitude.

- If you had to pick one Chelsea player to join Spurs, who would it be and for what reason? Courtois, Sturridge, or Lukaku. Can't pick between them. Sturridge is obviously proving himself an excellent Premiership player, and the two young Belgians surely have bright futures ahead of them.

- Looking at your current squad, which player has been your stand out player this season and if you had to choose one player that you would think would make an impact at Chelsea who would it be and why? Close one for me but I'd give it to Bale or Adebayor. Bale could have a big impact with Ivanovic missing. Adebayor was very good the last time we met, just couldn't find a goal.

- Finally, what do you think the final score will be in our very important FA Cup Semi final encounter? I'm one of the pessimists. I don't have high expectations for this game or even for the rest of the season. So 2-1 Chelsea.

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