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Roberto Di Matteo makes a Blitz-Career in the Football Coach World Ranking

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We can lose Sunday, finish 5th, get KO'd by Barca and then after relegating Blackburn. he can go from like 90 to out of a job (don't want that but just saying).

Trophies do a lot more than ranking points

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Pep has said he will consider his future after the loss. If he quits, I HOPE TO GOD Roman doesnt hire him in place of Roberto.

Roberto is Chelsea through and through just like Pep was a Barca through and through.

Plus, it would be silly if Roberto is let go and Pep is hired in his place after the tactical Master Class from Roberto against Pep inspite of being handicapped.

Also, Pep has No Plan B and we showed that 2 games in a row

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Robbie has earned his place for at least a full season. Being in two finals after taking over a trainwreck is already an achievement. You don't see such passion from a hired gun, they are there to please the owner, but when legends are at the helm (and good at that) they want to please from the bottom, starting from the fans while being the fans. If the unthinkable should happen and we win both of those finals, then what was predicted to be one of the most disastrous seasons of recent times will turn out to be the most successful one (depending on if you rate the champions league over the domestic league). Hopelessness has been replaced with one of the biggest hopes I can remember.

I cannot stress enough that even if we don't triumph, the silver medals should be looked upon with pride for the manner in which we have come to win them. Ripping scousers a vagina would be a welcome consolation though.

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the best thing from him is, he really love chelsea from his heart. just like a fans like us.

These days, it's so hard to find a manager who really loved his team. It's all about money and ambition for their career.

And its priceless for me to have a manager with a great passion like RDM.

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