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Fulham - Opposition Views 1


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os5889 from FriendsOfFulham.com has kindly answered some questions on tonight's Premier League encounter!

- Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to answer the questions. We will start the interview with an easy question, how long have you supported Fulham for? Almost 20 years, not really allowed any other thoughts to the contrary by the old man.

- Fulham have been on a good run of form, winning your last two games. It is always pleasing to see, do you think your season has been successful and where do you think you could of improved? Overall I'd say yes, secure in the league and a few realy good results. I'd say we've been a lot better away from home this year, bought through some good players and got rid of a lot of deadwood. For a transition season 10th (at the moment) isn't a bad result.

Disappointed with our cup runs, one of which you put to bed despite being second best. Europa league exit was depressing as hell but I think if we'd stayed in it we would have really struggled in the league.

- The last time we met at Stamford Bridge, Fulham came away with a 1-1 draw. Would you be happy with a similar result? I'd take a point today, I think with your rub of the green in this fixture in the past we are surely due a win soon.

- Chelsea's defense has been a bit up and down as of late, we have let in some very sloppy goals. Do you think you will pressure us into making the same mistake or will you sit back and wait for the right times to attack? Depends on the atmosphere today if its flat I don't expect you to have any problems...

- What are your thoughts on Fernando Torres, he has been playing some great football for Chelsea in recent weeks and in slowly finding form again, do you think he will start finding the net on a more regular basis? Personally I loved him at Liverpool, was disappointed he joined you. Now after the horror run he's been on and how well he's started to play recently I just want to see the lad do well. Cue a hattrick today!

- Clint Dempsey scored against us in our last game, and has been on a great run of form scoring twice on the weekend and was so close to getting a hatrick. Do you think he will be a big contributor to you again this time round and do you think he will still be a Fulham player next season? He does like playing against Chelsea so I expect him to keep up his good run of form. I hope he stays with us as opposed to moving on to richer pastures to sit on a bench, it would be a waste of a great talent.

- Damian Duff was an outstanding contributor to Chelsea's successful run between 2003-06, how has our old boy been playing for Fulham? MOTM against Norwich and Bolton for me. 'Nuff said, he's still class.

- If you had to pick one Chelsea player to join Fulham, who would it be and for what reason? Ivanovic, he looks like he'd eat your children, is a man mountain of a defender and scores a hell of a lot of goals.

- Looking at your current squad, which player has been your stand out player this season and if you had to choose one player that you would think would make an impact at Chelsea who would it be and why? Dempsey, someone to play in support of the strikers and get involved more in the physical battle than Lampard is a must buy for you going forward.

- Finally, what do you think the final score will be in our very important Premier League encounter? Head says 0-2, Heart says 2-1.

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