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Benfica 0-1 Chelsea


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I think RDM did the right choice for the game.

From the beginning my thought was a team to defend and hit on the counterattack, and that's exactly what happen.

Mikel has been better then Essien. Should continue to play Mikel till Essien prove otherwise.

Torres proves why I wanted him ahead of Drogba.

The only worry for me is Mata. Mata has a dip in form, don't know what RDM to do with this, since there is no proper replacement for Mata.

Overall good win for Chelsea! blue%20scalf.gif

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Another CL semi-finals. Impressive.

We will win it soon.

Its only 1-0 mate. If we play like we did against Tottenham then Im sure Benefica could score at the bridge. Its all but over. Good result tonight though!

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From the locked topic earlier:

It wasn't a penalty just like Essien's handball with City wasn't a penalty. It's too short of a distance for a player to clear his hands.

I was referring to the David Luiz goal-line handball. And if Harry Kewell gets sent off for that in South Africa, David Luiz should be off for that as well, referee's must be consistent. We all know it's not a penalty, but why are Australia punished for it when Chelsea aren't? Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted that we won 1-0 and it wasn't given, but that penalty in 2010 was the reason we didn't come 2nd in our group and still leaves a sour taste in my mouth, and if the refereeing isn't consistent its a further case for telling FIFA to get to fuck and forming a rebel league with a decision review system.

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Luiz, Cole, Mikel were the star performers for me to be honest, with Torres just behind. Best thing is the whole team played so well and executed the perfect gameplay (minus Mata). Really think we could have got 2/3 goals though! But not gonna complain with a 1-0 win :)

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