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Ticket Prices Frozen Again

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Chelsea Football Club announced today (Friday), that we will be freezing prices on ALL non-corporate tickets for Premier League matches and Champions League knock-out stage matches for the third consecutive season.

This covers season tickets and match day tickets for members, juveniles and senior citizens for 2008/9.

Chelsea FC also revealed that we will be introducing a new discount scheme for Champions League group matches at Stamford Bridge next season.

It is the third successive year that there has been an absolute price freeze on Premier League and UCL knock-out phase tickets, giving a net reduction of approximately 10 per cent when inflation is taken into account.

The current, and extremely successful, policy of discounted prices for domestic cup matches will also continue.

All UCL group matches will now be priced the same as FA Cup matches, £25 for adults and £12 for juveniles and senior citizens for season ticket holders and members.

Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon said: "Announcing this freeze for the third consecutive season demonstrates that we listen to and are sensitive to the views of our supporters. We appreciate the economic and other demands on them and value their loyalty.

"This decision, which was taken after dialogue with the Fans Forum, achieves a good balance between those demands and the needs of our business. With the success we have had we believe Chelsea offers value for money on and off the pitch.

"As well as the price freeze we will be continuing with the very popular policy of discounted prices for domestic cup matches and bringing all Champions League group games in line with that regardless of opposition.

"This policy has ensured that new supporters, more families and children have had the opportunity to come to Stamford Bridge over the last two seasons."

Other aspects of ticketing policy for the next season such as corporate prices will be announced in due course.


Now this is all well and good but we are still paying the same amount for a home league game against the likes of Derby as we are against the big teams like Man Utd and Arsenal. They need to introduce some sort of categorization policy for bigger and lesser games.

There are also no juvenile prices for league games in the ground except for the East Stand, now if like me you like to sing and get behind the team, you don't want to sit in the poxy East Stand. I looked at Man Utd's prices for a mate, they have junior tickets all over the ground and the majority of adult tickets are at an affordable price. I know they have a bigger stadium but it's not as if we have'nt got enough money as it is to lower the ticket prices, there are large numbers of older supporters being priced out as well as younger fans not being able to afford league games.

Do you wonder why we have to resort to handing out flags and having an atmosphere campaign?

That last quote made me laugh aswell. :thumbsdown:

Sort it out Kenyon you tit. :readthemessage:

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Yeh that what West Ham do apprantly.We have Liverpool,Spurs,Man you and Arsenal pricey and the rest not so.

Yay its woo they've frozen them but also means they wont be lowered this season which is just grrrr

But least we havent (yet anyway) done what Man you have done and brought out the crazy rule that season ticket holders have to buy for every cup match something along those lines.

Our student prices arent that great either only apply to the East Stand.Mean the £25 for cup games is fair enough but thought they Champs league knock out ages might have been bumped down a bit after bringing down the group stage tickets.

And with 41,000 odd paying say £48 thats £1968,000 a time they're making so as said not like we cant afford to do it

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The only way we will be able to do the same as Manchester United is to get a bigger stadium, end of.

Bingo...The bigger the stadium, the more the seats the lesser the prices of tickets.

The smaller the stadium, lesser no. of seats and higher the prices of the tickets..

Its all business you know... :whistling:

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