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The 'Drogba-Torres' Partnership

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I am convinced this formation and lineup is our salvation with the end of the season. Torres off the ball movement is fantastic and his ability to find and create space gives Drogba his freedom to take on defenders. The midfield are balanced and organized with Mata free flowing and Ramires and Lampard having the ability to push up. The defence yesterday was stronger than ive seen for a long time and am 100 percent with them as well as Cech's great form of late. Is this Drogba Torres partnership formation the best we have? I was convinced last night and m hoping we give it a go

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Ramires is our new right winger in my opinion.

We should try 4-4-2.


Ivan - Cahill - Luiz - Cole

Rami - Essien - Lamps - Mata

Drogba - Torres

When needed Mata can drop central and make it a 4-3-3. Drogba can drop back in mid on defence make it a 4-4-1-1 and leave Torres up front to make runs behind the defence on counters. If Lamps or Essien make forward runs, Ramires can drop back in the midfield for cover.

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I Think Sturridge as a winger does not make the cut,,,,,too selfish... tries too many tricks... some work out but many many times he loses the ball by trying something fancy and we are in trouble.....

He is not a winger, and is being played out of position, so why cant torres play the same role? Yes torres is shit in front of goal ATM.... but he can get better with more playing time....Sturridge as a winger is what he is and wont get any better at it.... His crossing is not any good either...

Torres' crosses are good, movement is brilliant, assists goals, creates them...

All Torres haters should look at the position more objectively, and while we dont have a natural right winger, judge these players for that position, rather than

how much they cost and what you expected out of them.

I think it is 50-50, both should fight for that position....this season atleast.

Sturridge is not an automatic starter.

He does not defend well or at all.

Torres runs more, puts more pressure and does his defending from upfront with some great tracking and tackles. I dont remember sturridge making any tackles all season. seriously.

Give him a chance. He;s humble and respectful. Sturridge when he gets subbed thinks he lionel messi being subbed and always sulks.

Both are strikers, but if sturridge can play out of position, so can torres. And both are as effective. In fact , i think Torres is more effective in that position when you take all aspects of that position into consideration.

Torres drogba cant both play centrally together but surely Torres can play on the right and be played in by drogba. Unlike sturridge, who will shoot from anywhere, Torres will look up and see if he can find anyone, if not, shoot away!

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The problem is that after a few games, Torres becomes complacent and his effort isn't as maximised as it was like last night. With the right tactics, yes they could play together and potentially, they could play well, but it isn't 100% guranteed that is will be the same 100% in every game!

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One is too big of a character that naturally wants to play on his own upfront, while the other one is too quite who easily gets pushed over. Problem is the latter is a striker, nothing else. It should also be noted that when both are on the pitch, neither has scored.

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Wish we would stop this hope. Drogba and Torres (whenever their on the pitch at the same time) for months play like they don't even know each other then a couple of decent passes to each other and all off a sudden we might get this world class partnership :doh:

They haven't even scored when they have both been on the pitch together and that doesn't look like changing let alone them forming an even semi good partnership, its not going to happen, best for all of us if we just accept it.

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No way.

Despite the fact Torres put in a decent shift last night he proves no threat on goal, he'll also gets shifted wide and that's bound to piss him off. At least with Danny, when he's pushed wide, he can give explosive pace and he can beat defenders easily. Plus he's a massive goal threat.

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I don't understand the logic here, what we should be doing is actively looking for a right winger and left winger to bring in for the summer and giving more opportunities to Lukaku and Sturridge to play up top. Currently there is pressure on the squad to get results, but at the same time Torres has shown time and time again that he should not be played. First it was the not being able to work with Drogba; than the tempo; than not playing; than the midfield; than no through balls; than players not passing to him because they dislike him - now we have come full circle and the reason he is shite is because he ain't playing with Drogba or playing in his new natural position the right wing :doh: . Yet a lot of these problems don't exist in the Spanish National Team - yet he is still shite.

Give up, if Torres didn't cost 50 million he would have been flogged off in the summer, he has outlasted two coaches who failed to get the best of him - it's about time he is shown the door while he still has some value and reputation. I don't care about his effort really, they could sign me and I would run my bollocks off without being paid 150 grand a week and I would probably be just as effective at running as Torres is.

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