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Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink


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I love jimmy, always did and always will. his scoring record was top class and great to see he's still doing it. Even when Jimbo scores now i love watching it. I would love to see him play at the bridge one more time and be there. One of my all time favs, defo in top 3, probs just behind JT and Lamps.

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Anyone watching Sky Sports News he's just been praising Chelsea, saying he loves the club he had 4 great years here and he still likes being associated with the club and Chelsea is his club.

And they asked bout managing them he goes i dunno maybe but i'd have to start with the youth.

Good on ya Jimmy :D

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I´d love to see JFH come back to the Bridge

it is a shame that he never won anything ! not a single trophy. so sad

he has such a great talent. especially when he was the striker for Chelsea ;)

...he just left one year to early....

but maybe as a youth-team-trainer he could earn some trophys. not that good as winning the PS as a player...whtatever

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on his debut but thats a nothing trophy really. 2000 beating mancs 2-0 and he scored the first. And he lost an FA Cup final, came 2nd in the prem, lost a UCL Semi, Lost a Carling cup Semi. Really sad he never won a proper trophy with us. Dont think hes won anything with anyone tbh. His latest, losing the FA Cup final last season.

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Chelsea - Farewell to a Legend!

Chelsea - Farewell to a Legend!

The news has just filtered through that Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink has announced his retirement from football.

I thought about ploughing through the statistics and listing all his appearances, all his goals and all his clubs, however, I decided that most other sites would probably do that, instead I thought I`d concentrate on two of my favourite memories of a striker whose legendary stare could put the fear of god into both an opponent and a team mate.

Several years ago, I was privileged enough to witness Kerry Dixon score a hat trick against Millwall at the Old Den. Kerry scored with a header, a left foot shot and a right foot shot and I believed I`d never see a better hat trick scored, I was so wrong.

Fast forward a couple of years and a night when Tottenham Hotspur arrived at Stamford Bridge. Hasselbaink tore them apart with three goals that more than surpassed those previously mentioned by Kerry Dixon. As the final whistle blew, I can still recall Hasselbaink`s broad smile as he clutched the match ball.

Fast forward a few more years and Hasselbaink returned to Stamford Bridge with Charlton Athletic. The inevitable happened, Hasselbaink scored for Charlton in front of the Matthew Harding End.

Recognising instantly what had happened, Jimmy didn`t celebrate madly he simply looked around the ground, head bowed, and walked back towards the centre circle. As one the ground gave the striker a round of applause and once again that broad smile could be seen.

It`s well known that Jimmy wanted one final season with Cardiff and that an unsavoury wrangle deprived him of that last hurrah, however, when he sits down and reflect son his career, I`d hope he comes to two conclusions.

Firstly that his best years were at Stamford Bridge and secondly that, on reflection, it wasn`t too bad a thing to finish your career with a FA Cup Final appearance.

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, enjoy your retirement and we hope to see you back at Stamford Bridge in one capacity or another very shortly!



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