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Manchester United - Opposition Views


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Matthew Galea from Ozmufc.com has kindly answered some questions on today's Premier League encounter!

- How long have you supported United for? Matthew Galea, and I have supported Manchester United for as long as I have been involved in and watching football. My earliest memories are of watching Andy Cole on the old SBS highlights show. What a player he was, I'd say he was my first footballing idol.

- Almost half way through the season, are you happy with the way the team is playing? Certainly! Only three points behind a side that has invested more than £200 million in their squad, with supposedly the worst United team of the last decade and a half according to the media, it's gone pretty well to date. An early exit from Europe is the only blemish really. Cup losses to Liverpool and Crystal Palace are unfortunate, but that's cup football. Overall, I'm pleased with what United have delivered this season.

- Were you happy with the activity in the transfer window even though there were more OUTS then INS? It's not about quantity, but quality. Paul Scholes has brought that back in volumes to the middle of the park for us, and though I don't buy Sir Alex's line of "no value", I certainly think that Scholes was the best option for us in the January transfer window. Names like Gaitan were thrown around but when you consider the time it would take such a young lad to adapt on and off the field to United and English football, would he have really made a big impact this season? Probably not. Scholes offers a solution who is already intimate with the club and still of outrageous quality. He's gotten us through this injury crisis in the middle, and if that's all he contributes then he's done his job.

Veselli is a bit of a wild card, but he has a great record in youth football. He captained Switzerland to an U17 world championship, and with United's record of giving youth a chance, the move made sense for all. Fingers crossed for a last minute winner against City in two years time.

As for the outs, it's hard to argue with any of them. Morrison needed to get out of Manchester. He clearly felt that his talent meant Sir Alex et al should hand him an Old Trafford career on a platter. Now he has to earn the right in the Championship. Good luck to him.

Given Gibson's exploits against City, I doubt you'll find many people who say that wasn't a good move for all involved either!

- Who has been your stand out player this season, and who should we look out for? I don't think there has been a stand out player this season, it seems to be that players come in and out of form, which is probably down to injuries and the like. Right now though that man is Antonio Valencia, and he is going to wreak havoc unless Ashley Cole's replacement can nail him down. Not exactly an enviable task.

- If Chelsea have another trophy less season do you think we should stick with Andre Villas-Boas? Of course, but if he fails to qualify for the Champions League then that might not happen. He is trying to do his best to set up a long term plan but that isn't easy when you're not sure if you're going to be in a job tomorrow. Abramovich's track record means Villa-Boas has to try and balance long-term success with short term results and sometimes they might seem mutually exclusive.

- Who is your favourite Chelsea player and why? Juan Mata. Outstanding player, as I said last time I spoke to you. He can dribble, he can score, he can create. A game changer.

- How do you think the final table will finish, who will be the top 4 and who will be relegated?

At this point:

1. Manchester United (I would think that)

2. Manchester City

3. Tottenham

4. Chelsea

As for relegation it's always hard to pick. Bolton has made improvements and I think they might just avoid the drop. QPR have invested heavily, and that can go either way really, but with the quality they've brought in they should be okay. Blackburn and Wigan are the most obvious choices, but the final spot could go to any of the three aforementioned teams.

- Finally, what do you think the final score will be? If Valencia runs riot as I expect, 3-1 to United.

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