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Lucas Piazón

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Anyone who wants to know how all this ends, go take a look at the Kakuta thread. :rolleyes:

Kakuta is still 19.. He has talent..needs to be more confident and things will happen.

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I think it's pretty obvious our strategy is mainly to aid player development/exposure through loans and sell them for a profit while hoping one or two may break through at Chelsea, instead of trying t

lol funny story after the match I was a handful of lads who actually knew him so i kept screaming his name eventually he signaled to me and ran over he signed my shirt and took a picture with me. ever

kakuta has been given a new deal..that states the club has faith in him...why take it as a shut case.......the good thing is kaka not coming

Isn't Piazon striker?

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Sad, but true..

Kakuta is french. Piazon is brazilian.

Some sources say it is 7,5m euros, other 10, and other 12. I think 7,5m is the realistic one, since it came from the best source globo.com


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am i the only one who is not interested in the price but for the player's abilities and skills !!!

i know nothing about lucas paizon and i would like to get some idea about our new boy

Paizon is not coming.

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