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John Terry: Racist slur?

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I, personally, think he's saying BLIND not black, but this is how it's being interpreted.

But Terry has said in a statement issued to Press Association Sport: "I've seen that there's a lot of comments on the internet with regards to some video footage of me in today's game.

"I'm disappointed that people have leapt to the wrong conclusions about the context of what I was seen to be saying to Anton Ferdinand.

"I thought Anton was accusing me of using a racist slur against him. I responded aggressively, saying that I never used that term.

"I would never say such a thing, and I'm saddened that people would think so.

"I have known Anton for a long time and spoke to him about it after the game and there was no problem between us.

"I congratulated him on their win. He has not accused me of any wrongful remark. It was clear it was all a misunderstanding at the time.

"After the result today, I am saddened to be dealing with these wrongful allegations.

"I am the proud captain of one of the most internationally diverse teams in the Premier League and I absolutely believe that there is no place for racism in sport and indeed in any walk of life."

QPR declined to comment when contacted.


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I think he might be saying "yeah yeah I didn't call you a black cunt... you knobhead" because he stated that Anton accused him for being racist, but JT explained that wasn't the case. But I'm no lipreader lol, it might have easily been something like "you're a fuckin ugly mug like your brother" or smth like that

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QPR fans think he said what they wanted to hear...classless scum. They didn't win anything yesterday, Foy simply gave them 3 points.

Shit happens, but they'll be back at the Bridge on April and I marked the day on my calendar. It's going to hurt....

This ain't over.

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Video is no longer available but there's not even an issue here, John Terry is not a racist. QPR fans are trying to cause trouble for JT because of his reputation. It's like when he "spat" at Tevez in the CL, it was clearly obvious nothing even came out of his mouth he was in the middle of talking, probably calling Tevez an ugly little cunt.

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England captain John Terry was involved in a bust-up in the tunnel after Chelsea’s controversial defeat at QPR.

The Blues skipper and two team-mates clashed with Rangers players as they returned to the dressing room at the end of the game, which QPR won 1-0.

And police have revealed they are ­investigating an allegation that Terry hurled racist abuse at Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand. Police became involved when a member of the public complained.

Scotland Yard said: “We can confirm police have been notified of an incident on Sunday October 23 involving alleged racial abuse. This is currently being assessed by officers from Hammersmith and Fulham.”

Fans accused England skipper Terry of calling Ferdinand a “f****** black c***”.

Terry categorically denies doing so and insisted he was trying to clarify to Ferdinand he had not used those words.

QPR officials will meet Ferdinand on Tuesday before deciding whether to make a formal complaint to the Football Association.

Terry, Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole were understood to have confronted Rangers players including midfielder Shaun Derry and keeper Paddy Kenny as tempers boiled over.

The tunnel fracas followed a fiery encounter which saw ­Chelsea’s Jose Bosingwa and Didier Drogba sent off and the visitors shown seven yellow cards.

It was unclear whether referee Chris Foy was aware of the incident and whether he will be including it in his report.

In a statement on Sunday night, Terry claimed: “He (Ferdinand) has not accused me of any wrongful remark.”

starting to get on old already people who have seen the video know he never said that.,

i can see us getting a fine for all the bookings Avb getting a fine for his post match Terry getting a fine for nothing thats the Fa for ya and maybe Lamps and Ash if this story is true

only good thing about the end of the game is that Torres is back now for us

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