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Swansea 1-1 Chelsea

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This is gana be another horrible game...wouldnt be surprised if its like today!Espically after their win against Arsenal way they kept going and all

Saying that week away..players got no excuse to be 'tired or whatever' a decent performance and 11 players playing like they care be nice

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Will McEachran be able to play? We usually stick a clause in which doesn't allow them to play against us, like Benayoun

He can't play against us.

And as for this game, it's simple... take your fucking chances!!

We did so in the previous fixture against them, and won comfortably.

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It will be easier against Swansea at least...they won't close down like Norwich and there will be goals. It's a must win game and we should really win it. Hopefully Ivanovic will start.

Clean sheets:

1. Man U [11]

2. Swansea [9]

3. Tottenham, Man C, Newcastle, Liverpool [8]

7. Arsenal, Stoke [7]

9. Chelsea, Sunderland, Fulham [6]

12. Aston Villa [5]

13. Everton, West Brom, QPR [4]

16. Wigan [2]

17. Norwich, Bolton, Wolves [1]

20. Blackburn [0]

On top of that, we've only scored 7 goals in our last 7 league games, and of those 7 teams we played against, only Tottenham was a strong side.

On top of THAT, we've been shut out three times this season so far: vs Stoke, vs QPR and vs Norwich all of them AWAY from home. Notice how all of these teams are supposedly relatively weaker sides in the league.

And it's not just stats. Swansea's a very coherent team, and many of their players are both tactically and positionally aware, especially their two centre backs, Monk and Williams.

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