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Gary Cahill

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13 minutes ago, CHOULO19 said:

Tbf, that first was some funny shit! :lol: Someone GIF that, please! 

JT expression was priceless after it.

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10 minutes ago, iseah100 said:

This. Downright embarrassing.

I have to ask. While i admit that GC is average, why is he even being singled out. Which of the goals were his fault?

The zlatan free kick, ivanovic losing cavani and playing offside rather than tracking him, Mikel losing rabiot, or azpi going to sleep rather than watching ADM's run. 

Not sure how our CLL would have made any difference because honestly we have conceded worse goals against worse teams with him in the team. 

We are currently playing with Iva as a CB, a 19 year old winger as a LB and a supposedly world class keeper who makes mistakes every game. GC does not even come close to being the main problem in our defence right now.

Also, do you think playing a low block was down to our defence? NO. we dont have a midfielder who can dominate possession or even keep possession under pressure. We are playing with Mikel as our DM and cesc as his partner to cover for our defence. Sorry mate, GC is definitely not the problem here. He is exactly what a 3rd/4th choice CB should be, decent solid player. What we need to look at is our starting DM, our starting DLP, our starting GK, our starting RB (ivanovic), our starting LB (azpi/baba/kenedy), our tactics, our depth. The fact that our most talented player has not scored a league goal yet. For me, all of these issues come before tackling the issue of GC being a back up CB.

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On 30 de janeiro de 2016 at 9:34 AM, cfcs most wanted said:

I don't understand the obvious hate against Cahill. he has been a top defender for us, He and Jt make Chelsea a rock solid foundation. About his mistakes, i haven't seen him make that many and he also has to deal with that intelligent guy at rb

This kind of mentality is the reason why this squad is so weak at this moment. Okay, he has a nononsensical approach, but he has always been average. "Oh, he was great last season". Huth has been great for Leicester this season, but he is not a top defender by any means. Really odd that months ago people were saying he should be the next captain.

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1 hour ago, the wes said:

Cahill is useless when he doesn't have JT alongside him I would offer Cahill and £25m for stones 

Or bring back Christensen from loan

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