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The "Second" signing

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6 months after Gourlay teased us with his "Threesome in Bangkok, AVB is now talking about a possible second signing,

'Apart from the central defender, we might get one more player in but I am not sure yet.'


That was on Monday.

Now, on Thursday, its suddenly

'There has been no bid from Chelsea for Lille's Eden Hazard and Villas-Boas doesn't anticipate further new signings.'


So what has changed or he is just down playing expectations?

I suspect the latter.

I'm pretty sure that Chelsea is trying to make a definite first team signing to come in and make a contribution right from the off. So that excludes your De Bruynes etc.

I'm also sure that big money is there for the right player and that the club is willing to over pay what AVB considers to be the top price. Remember his comments about Modrics offer?

My evidence is this

Vargas's recent statements, along with Pastore from last season.

Hell, I even believe that we did make an enquiry about Di Maria and Hazard



But I agree with AVB. Finding the right quality player who can come in and make, not only a difference right now, but improve the squad for the future and for the right price and wages, is a very tall order.

And not just in January.

Although theres no doubt we need that sort of player now, never mind being cup tied for the CL.

I dont think the Neymours of this world will ever come here, only to Barca and RM. We just cant attract a certain type of player. Then theres the type just below that always seem to go to Bayern or Inter etc.

But there are very good players out there that we just have to scrap with City and PSG for, and I think Hazard could be one of those those.

So what type of player is AVB looking for?

Hopefully a winger or a playmaker as the recent Vargas bid points to.

(A right back can wait!)

Whoever it is, Its going to be a long and frustrating couple of weeks, but in AVB\Gourlay we must trust based on Mata and Romeu.

One man went to Mow!


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