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Who's your favourite film director?


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Quentin Tarantino, is imo, the greatest living film director. I've never really had a favourite director before but after watching Pulp Fiction a few months back it impressed me, and I decided to have a Tarantino marathon and watch as many of his films as possible. So I watched Reservoir Dogs, and then Inglorious Basterds, and then the Kill Bill's and I came to the conclusion that this man is simply a genius and he was born to direct movies.

There are many things that make his films unique and very entertaining for watchers. He has this very stylish way of shooting the scenes in films and most of his films include great dialogue and great soundtracks. Cannot wait for Django Unchained, I'm sure it will be a fantastic movie, its cast of actors is great too.

Has anyone else got a film director that they idolise, and if yes, why?

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David Lynch is a director I remember because while watching his movies (especially Eraserhead) I think he's an undiagnosed psycho, definitely something going on in his head. His movies are also from side-to-side, in different extremes... bipolar perhaps.

Tarantino is superb too. Nolan's Batman series and Inception have swept the cinemas clean, hopefully TDKR won't disappoint.

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Jean Pierre Jeunet - The only bad movie he ever directed was Alien3. He brings a brilliant fantasy element to all of his movies. And don't forget how everything is filmed in an orange tone!

Others that stand out are:

Stanley Kubrick

Martin Scorsese

Terry Gilliam

The Coen Brothers

David Fincher

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As Manpe and Spike above have said-

David Lynch is up there with Blue Velvet, Wild at heart. and Eraserhead Obvious ones like Scorsese with Taxi Driver , Raging Bull, Brian De Palma for Scarface, Carrie etc. Luc Besson for Leon. Ridley Scott -Alien Thelma and Louise

Christ so many, but the absolute daddy has to be Kubrick -never equalled cinemtography as well, in masterpieces such as Spartacus, Barry lyndon, 2001 A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Eyes Wide Shut, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket

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