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Should we have given Steve Clark the job when Jose left?


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All hypothetical now but after seeing Barca's Guardiola gamble pay off handsomenly should we have taken a gamble when Jose left and give Steve Clarke the job?

He is probally the best no2 in the buisness and lets be honest behind the scene's he probally was more of a manager than Avram in 2007/2008, was their any point in appointing a manager who had no previous expierence outside Isreal when we had a hungry young assistant eager to make the step up and someone who has Chelsea in his blood.

Wouldn't it have made sense to give him a chance?

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To be honest, it is matter of luck. We could have given the mantle to the assistance but we didnt just a matter of luck. There are so many assistant coaches out there who are really really good but still havent got a chance/luck to be the gaffer and then there are the lucky ones who had that opportunity.

I do think Steve Clark had been exceptionally for Chelsea and i would have loved to have him back. But as far as his career progress goes he is still an assistant coach despite leaving Chelsea. And we as a club specially in the Roman's era are run by the men in the black coats sitting in the high-rise office who dont understand the ground reality and thats one reason why Steve never got the chance which he would have got in any mid level club in this scenario.

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By 'we' I assume you mean Roman, Buck and the board.

The plotting with Grant was already in place, and for all we know Clarke could have turned it down with such a big act to follow.or had too much respect for the Special One

Grant had no shame about following Mourinho - (no experience, Thai brothels, wife drinking piss on telly, and got paid millions for doing fuck all) .... the team played in spite of him anyway....

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yeah i mean Chelsea Football club. Always a bit of a problem using "Us/We" in the context of speaking about the football club one follows.

You do have a point about Clarke there, FulhamBroadway.

Maybe it was just whishful thinking that Clarke might stay on with us. Look at the impact he had when he first came to Scouse-land.

All of a sudden their defense was a massive road-block and not just a boggle on the way to batter Reina.

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Not sure. He is a really good coach, but that doesn't mean he can be a good manager. He might be better when in the shadow.

But the thing which is sure, is that we should have take him back last year, when we could have. Fuck you Gourlay !

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I hate talking about IFs...should Chelsea have sacked Jose? Should Chelsea have sacked Carlo? What if JT scored that penalty? So many questions but we should leave the history in history and look ahead :)

I guess he should've gotten the chance but he didn't...he could've turned out to be alright or he would've gotten replaced rather fast...

We are talking about the club here who sacked Mourinho, Grant, Scolari and Ancelotti. I doubt Clarke would've made it.

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Nope, but we most definitely should've treated him better & kept him on as assistant. As much as I love Ray Wilkins, Clarke's a better coach any day and won't speak out (as rumoured with Ray). He'll just get one with the job at hand.

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Avram who? Still don't know what the board/Roman were thinking when they appointed Grant Director of Football, resulting in beef with Jose, then appointing Avram head coach... It was a massive disappointment for Clarke and he didn't hesitate to leave when Zola gave him an offer. It's fair to say that season ended successfully on both fronts (nearly successfully) and it was all down to Clarke, not Grant. Still can't forget his 5 defenders at White Hart Lane unbelievable.

Clarke was definitely let down by the club, and he made the right decision by leaving.

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I loved Clarkie and really wish he was still with us, I hate seeing him in a Liverpool jacket etc.

I remember him scoring against Liverpool for us in about 97/98 at the bridge, I was there in the west stand and went mental.

Personally I think he is a great coach, but doubt he would cut it as a manager at a club with a trigger happy chairman.

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We shouldn't have sacked Wilkins.

Fuck knows what that was about and no reason ever given!And if didnt help change anything and felt so sorry for Carlo as well when that happend...the good ole logic of the board we have

Maybe not have given him the job but defintly deserved better treatment..but he had more sodding mangerness then Grant had!And did seem he did more for the team then was given credit for....

Sad that he went Liverpool!Of all places :(

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