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1 minute ago, Special Juan said:

Batman up top and Llorente as back up....watch out CL:lol:

Please don't lmao I can't take it right now lol 

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BREAKING NEWS: Liverpool and Dortmund have reached an agreement over the transfer of Reus. They've agreed it's never going to happen. [emoji23]

It reminds me the day when we signed Hector and Djilobodji on the same day.

"BREAKING: Gonzalo Higuian fails medical at Arsenal due to asthma because of the dust coming from the Trophy Cabinet"

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8 minutes ago, Special Juan said:

I can't help it.

Just imagine it 

Suarez messi neymar

Ronaldo benzema bale

Silva aguero Silva

Bats Llorente :rant:


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Agreed. I envy the clubs who have young elite talent like Musonda, Abraham, Boga, when we're stuck with the likes of RLC.

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15 minutes ago, MrExcalibur100 said:

All the really talented prospects are gotten when they're young. 

It's a shame. Missed the moment when Brazilian clubs keep producing natural talent, like Neymar, Oscar, etc. Now never heard any big potential names left.

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Kinda funny..I remember prediction thread from Jose last season..Someone said how cause we hadn't signed anyone and the board were being slow meantthat season be a disaster and be bottom 3..joking...then fast foreword and one point we were near enough bottom! Not that was down to no signings but still seemed doom and gloom at the time and then was doom and gloom 

Every year all the same lately..target..drama..target gone and panic buy. Hopefully this time be different as still long time off closing but even so you want players to gel pre seaaon

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Chill, Im sure the board is doing their job.

Obviously we arent targetingbLlorente instead of Morata/Lukaku/... but rather as second choice. We will need two strikers atleast if Bats and Costa leave.

The media is just playing games with everybody.

Also Im sure Sandro will be Chelsea player by the end of window. 

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4 minutes ago, gadget said:

IF the united and Lukaku deal goes through, i say we go for Zlatan + Morata/Belotti etc just to get back at united

This isn't about getting someone back, it's about getting the right striker for the balance of the team.

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