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Pointing Fingers: Analyzing the Adebayor Goal


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Tottenham took advantage of their early pressure and took the lead through Adebayor tap in. The goal was handcrafted by Gareth Bale who beat Bosingwa with speed and put in a curving low cross that escaped Cech's attempted save. Adebayor tapped in from close range. As always, this goal is conceded because of a series of mistakes. Here's how I see it happened.



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CC, I believe that Mikel was largely to blame for the goal. Even moreso than Bosingwa or JT. Just to try and make my case:

In picture 1: I believe Mikel is obstructed by that pole and is around the same line as JT (near the center circle). If you look at that picture, he is the player who at that moment can make the most impact. Because he can make a diagonal run towards the area where bale is going to run (towards Bosingwa), thus significantly lessening the space Bale has.


In picture 2: You can see that he has hardly moved at all. He hasn't moved very much closer to bale NOR closer to Terry. I think what he did was awful defending. What are your personal thoughts?

Also, look at this video!


By this time his laziness has meant that he cannot directly impact the goal in terms of helping Bosingwa, Ivanovic and JT. He doesn't even bother to see if there are any runners coming into the box and try and track them.

This is disgraceful imo.

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Interesting...but you have a point. Cech should've caught that though I don't think Ivanovic could've done much. If he run with Bosingwa Bale would send that cross anyway so instead he chose to stay in the middle in case Bale cuts inside. It was an amazing cross that hit just where it should.

It is not the first time we concede on a counter attack when our wingers lose the ball and it is definitely something we need to work on, but that was a class run by Bale, and there was not much we could do.

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Pretty harsh.

Ivanovic has the real covering job once Bale gets 1vs1 with Bosingwa, it's him who should provide support. All said and done, Cech really should have done better on this one.

Meant in terms of his attitude rather than actual defending (which was horrific too). He is a defensive midfielder. How can a team have a defensive midfielder that is not going to make damn sure he is alert and doing every single thing he can to stop midfielders especially from getting into a scoring position.

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