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'Vindictive' Andé

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AVB kicks long serving pundit Langley out of Chelsea TV

Chelsea's super-sensitive manager Andre Villas-Boas has had lead pundit Tommy Langley removed from his own club’s TV channel for criticising the Portuguese’s hardline treatment of disenchanted players.

Former club favourite Langley was told he was no longer required at Chelsea TV after he described AVB as ‘vindictive’ for allegedly not allowing Nicolas Anelka and Alex to park their vehicles in the first-team car park after they had been banished from the squad for handing in transfer requests.

Langley, who was the club’s player of the year in 1979, has been an admired analyst on Chelsea TV for a decade and does co-commentary as well as co-hosting discussions before and after matches. Friends of Langley say he is extremely upset but does not want to say anything that would jeopardise a return to his TV role if AVB has a change of mind.

The Chelsea boss has proved to be remarkably thin-skinned when it comes to negative media comment, and notably labelled Gary Neville’s description of David Luiz playing like he was controlled by a 10-year-old on PlayStation as ‘ridiculous’.

Villas-Boas believes Neville and other pundits such as Alan Hansen have a ‘likely biased position in their opinion-making because of a direct past related to a single club, which is their favourite’.

Yet his dumping of committed Chelsea supporter Langley points to him not accepting strong adverse comments on the home front, either.

A Chelsea spokesman said: ‘For a number of reasons we are reviewing the structure and output of Chelsea TV.

'We are waiting for these reviews to be completed before we make a final decision regarding staffing and content.’


Anyone heard anything on this? Sounds rather odd..

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A weird positive we could say from this as it must mean AVB has full control over things now and Roman does back him long term (if this story is true).

If Grant, Scolari or Carlo tried to do something like this then Roman would have surely over-ruled them.

Strange way to look at it but if AVB was on borrowed time then i doubt Roman would have let him do something like this.

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What avb is getting criticised for over his criticism of journalism or punditry brian clough was hailed a genius for.

Not completely the same but very similar ideas and one i agree with. I want to watch games and discuss it with friends or at least have debates on forums about styles,goals tactics etc. What i dont want are bitter ex pros or journos with agendas telling me what they think. I dont agree with what gary neville said, quite frankly its disrespectful and just a man utd fan slagging a chelsea player off. If iwas getting paid to analyse games i would try and do it as unbiased as i could and certainly not angle childish slander towards individuals who are far more educated then myself. AVB is a man who manged a quadrouple winning side. Alan hansen talks like he was baresi or moore, someone should tell him that unlike in there great liverpool days defenders cant spend 20mins passing the ball back to a keeper in order to waste time.

The icing on the cake is the sort of comments i read in papers on twitter and hear on sky sports by so called respected journalists saying avb is making a rod for his own back and needs to get press on side. Why does he? Who are they, the mafia? Be nice to me and ill be nice to u. Fuck em, stay strong in what u believe, do your job and if it doesnt work u have been honest to yourself. If he is getting disrespected by no marks and all hes trying to do is hes job why shdnt he tell them to do one.

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FFS, the more I hear about AVB in the media the more he sounds like a 10 year old. Oh no he called me nasty names, grow a pair you twat.

Are you kidding? Are you honestly calling AVB a twat because of an article in dailymail? He is a master when it comes to interviews, and he always says that media has it wrong, which it does. Just like the thing about the bench and staff cheering with goals. You have no idea what went on there. And I can't remember how many times Mourinho has actually acted like a ten year old, but he's still one of the top3 gaffers in the world. Why? Because he is the boss. If AVB is anything like that, then that's nothing but good news.

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