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Merry Christmas from Scudamore and Co

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So seeing that we're everyone's favourite club we find ourselves with 6 games in 3 weeks straight. (I realise every team goes through this, just a joke for any of ye thinking otherwise)

The fixtures being:

Man City (H) 1-0

Wigan (A) 2-1

Tottenham (A) 2-2

Fulham (H) 2-0

Aston Villa (H) 2-1

Wolves (A) 0-0

As you can see my predictions are on the right hand after the venue and going by those scores I think we'll pick up 14/18 which would be excellent. What do all the other members of TalkChelsea think of this tough but exciting time of football? Will we finally pick up a bit of form this Christmas??

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It was a lot worse last season:

12/12 Spurs away

18/12 Man Utd home (postponed)

27/12 Arsenal away

29/12 Bolton home

2/1 Aston Villa home

Looking back over the last 6 or so years we have always had fairly easy Christmas fixtures which is quite lucky because one loss can have damaging consequences when games are so close together. Usually we end up with the mid-bottom half table teams like Fulham, Birmingham City, West Brom etc. which is quite lucky really.

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