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Chelsea Climbs Revenue League

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The Deloitte Football Money League for 2008 will list Chelsea Football Club in fourth position.

We are the second highest-placed English club behind Manchester United in a list of global football clubs.

The annual ranking by the leading independent analyst of football finances orders clubs around the world according to 2006/07 revenues, excluding player sales.

Chelsea FC has risen two places from last year with annual revenue of £190.5 million. The top club in revenue generation is Real Madrid with Manchester United second and Barcelona third. One place below Chelsea in fifth is Arsenal, giving the Barclays Premier League three of the top five.

AC Milan is the highest ranked Serie A club in sixth with Bayern Munich the first from the Bundesliga in seventh.

Chelsea will issue a full report on the financial year ended 30 June 2007 before the end of February.

Chelsea FC

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The good thing about this for us is that unlike Man Utd or Arsenal we don't have any debts to service so all of the revenue we make goes back into the club. And considering we didn't shell out too much on players in 2006/2007 that means that we made a nice little profit, also because it doesn't include player sales that figure is even more halthty especially considering the sale of Robben.

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This is at best meaningless, and at worst a total distortion.The Deloitte list refers to only to income, not to profitability.

OK lets start with Real Madrid, they're top by the way . Now it's true they are a rich club. They charge for TV rights on an individual basis, which means games have different prices, and they can haggle with teh TV companies for each match. There are three clubs in Spain that are essentially rich.

ManUtd are not in any way profitable. Crewe, Doncaster and Accrington Stanley are more in profit. The Glazers sneakily borrowed the money @ £750 000 000, via a bank and set up a separate company. The interest payments are just about covered by ManUtds income. So all ManUtd fans are doing is paying off the Glazers overdraft. The Glazers have essentially bought a brand, get the fans to pay for it whilst it goes up in value,like a house, then they'll sell and in their mind make a massive profit on the backs of fans.

By using a separate company, if it all went tits up, they would walk away owing nothing and ManUtd would collapse. This wont happen because they know football fans are the most loyal punters in the World.

We dont really count. OK income generated is great, but we're owned ouright by a sole individual, who at the end of the day can do what he likes with it.

Barcelona is an interesting one , and the one most to admire. As it's a Co Op -owned by the fans -there are no shareholders syphoning off a dividend every year and sucking the lifeblood out of it.

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