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Spit it out

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We belong to Chelsea FC


Everyday , Every blue day , I wear my blue shirt and keep singin' till the game as all the chelsea fans .. just following the Chels , Just because its a Chelsea day , a Chelsea night , even if my whole life is about Chelsea But the day of the game is so special .

Without givin' a shit about winning or losing because on that moment I only care about seeing the Chels playing , missing the blue shirts and the Bridge and all the Chelsea fans , its just like that , sometimes its only about Chelsea , not about the trophies or cups or records .

- Pride , following this team and this colour makes me proud .

Its like you forgot all the world that we're living in , just forgetting all the problems , responsibilities and pressure for 90 minutes , because its The Chelsea Time , 90 minutes of joy .

Winning or Loosing , it doesn't matter sometimes , in hard times when Chelsea loose everything we follow The Chels , even when the fact of losing the season is so painful , we keep following and we'll feel better minute after a minute cuz we proud of following the Chelsea .

Its not about names , players and Legends , its just about the Chelsea Football Club , its the only name that we are following , players come and go , the spirit of the Bridge makes them shine , it will never be about a player , Chelsea Football Club is Home for me and for everyone that follows The Chels , Its home , country ... name it whatever you like , we just belong to it .


- Just wanted to say something .

*So here's the idea :

Spit out your feelings and emotions towards the Club , Spit it out Blue fans .

- So sorry for my poor English .

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