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On the 8th December 2001


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Manchester United lost 1-0 at home to West Ham,

it was their second home defeat in a row.

Their 3rd home defeat out of 5.

3rd defeat in a row.

Lost 5 of the previous 7.

Most striking off all however is it left them languasing in NINTH PLACE in the league.

Fergie turned it around and finished 3rd and the next season won the league.

Moral of the story, judge AVB after 2/3 season's not 4 months.

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If we get over this slump and finish anywhere between 2-4th place, we will look back and say that we overreacted in hindsight.... It's a good comparison, but future which we will later call history needs to be written day by day, not find solace and hope on what happened 10 years ago to another team. But saying that, I do hope we will have the right to be all smart and all come May and say that we overreacted... although it won't change anything in terms of how we view the team, the mask's off and it's blatantly visible that in order to replicate what ManU did the season after, we will need changes. It essentially won't matter on which position we finish at in the end, although financially and commercially (and for AVB's job security) it should be in top 4 for obvious reasons... Top 4 is still very much a realistic objective, who disagrees, is just simply being overly pessimistic.. Look at Arsenal, in the beginning all fingers were pointed at them, now they are pointed at us and none of us dares to make fun of them anymore.. Things change oh so quickly in football.

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