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Five Points to Ponder: Chelsea 3-0 Wolves


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Five points to ponder from the 3-0 win against Wolves:

1. Formation and Movements

2. Pressing Done Right

3. Keeper's Role in High Defensive Line

4. Wing Men Take Center Stage

5. Drogba's Contributions



Bravo. The point about Didier's contribution was especially interesting. I felt he had a pretty good game especially in using his physical strength to receive the ball in the "hole" to set up attacks.

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Great analysis. I agree with most of these points, especially the one about Drogba and Ramires being our key players when it comes to pressing. Despite the routine criticisms he receives (technique, creativity, etc) I've always thought Ramires, who can probably cover more ground than Mata and Sturridge combined, was one of the most important players we had.

About Mata, I'm sure many people have noticed, but he's certainly not the type of winger we were looking for. His crossing isn't bad and he's got a bit of pace, but he doesn't really seem very comfortable in that position, and I think we'd be better off if we played someone else in that position. Right now, it seems like the only way Mata can perform at his best is if he played more like a CAM, making Cole to basically cover all of the left flank. While I appreciate Cole's offensive contributions, I think we should consider that he's in his thirties and won't be able to continue his form for much longer. So, I think we should probably consider playing a 4-3-3 that resembles a 4-2-3-1 with Mata being the most advanced of the three midfielders, followed by Ramires (who should drop a little deeper) and Romeu.

I wanted to add one thing and that is, with Meireles in the midfield instead of Lampard, we seemed to retain the possession better. It's true Wolves didn't press hard, but Lampard nowadays gives away possession way often and puts a lot of pressure on our defense.

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