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Chelsea stars visit young fan from Gütersloh (Germany)

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First of all, sry if I have posted this in the wrong section, didn't know exactly where I should do.


I couldn't find any English source reporting about this, so I have to pick this German one.


Pupil meets Drogba, Ballack & Co.

Didier Drogba is a cool guy. Paul Kasing has known about that long time before. But the 11 years old pupil from Gütersloh would have never imagined that he would ever be given the chance to meet the Ivory Coast and Chelsea star personally. Initiator of this happening was the organisation "Aktion Kinderträume" by Margit Tönnies.

On Wednesday, after the Champions League match, it was time. Thanks to Margit Tönnis Paul was able to get to the "Mixed Zone" with his wheelchair. "It was great", his mother Kati Kasing said. "Every single player went to him (Paul)." John Terry, Chelsea captain, took the most time while talking to Paul, taking photos with him together and giving his shoes and his sweaty kit to Paul. "I wasn't allowed to wash it until today." Kati Kasing said smirking.

Goalkeeper Cech (without his helmet) went to Paul, just like Fernando Torres, Michael Ballack and Stefan Kießling, who all paid attention to him. The Hungarian refs gave Paul their red and yellow cards, Chelsea coach André Villas-Boas presented him with his tie and said: "For your marriage." Stepfather Detlef Burghardt was standing the whole time next to Paul.

"He was incredibly nice and friendly"

But the pupil, who attends the 6th class of Janusz-Korczak-Gesamtschule, was most excited about meeting Didier Drogba. "He was incredibly nice and friendly." Kati Kasing said. Drogba signed an autograph into Paul's stadium programme and wished him all the best.

Paul suffers from Spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disease, that appeared at the age of one year. Ever since he had many operations. The last one, bars were implanted into his back to make him able to sit easier, caused a lot of pain for a long time. "That was the reason why we wanted to cheer him up." his mother said.

They very much appreciate the help from Margit Tönnies who used their contacts to Rudi Völler to make the wish come true.

I hope my English isn't too bad, so you can undertand the article. Good to hear from our boys and the Leverkusen players that humanity is still an important factor in football but it's said that no other newspaper reported about this occasion but about stupid stuff nobody wants to hear about...

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Thanks for the share, typical of the rags to not pick up on this.

You're welcome. I thought it'd be a good article 'bout our team after all that bad publicity in the recent time, but I really don't get it why there's no other newspaper (not even the serious ones...) reporting about this. It's a shame that just a few people know about this!

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