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The Players- 2 Good 2 Bad

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I started a rant after the match on sunday, and decided not to post it due to the many opinions already voiced on the site, i've got limited time to say what i want right now, so simple as this, sum up each player in 2 words (good) and 2 words (bad)...

N/A- either not played this season or has not done anything good or bad in my opinion....


1. Cech- Legend, Safe / Over-Confidence (Mistakes from over expectation of making save, pass)

2. Brana- Strength, Bravery / Pace, Temper

3. Ash- Pace, Attacking / Too Confident (No competition for being replaced as Bertrand doesn't get chance)

4. Luiz- Footwork, Finish / Positioning, Inexperience

5. Essien- N/A

6. Romeu- Positioning, Passing / N/A

7. Rami- Engine, Dribbling / N/A

8. Lamps- Legend, Finishing / Age, Pace

9. Nando- Movement, Positioning / Finishing, Confidence

10. Mata- Not put a foot wrong in my opinion for someone in their first premier league season!

11. Drog- N/A / Age, Arrogance

12. Mikel- N/A / Everything.

15. Flo- Adapting, Crossing / Age, Movement

16. Meireles- Passing, Positioning / 'Jumping In'

17. Bos- Pace, Dribbling / Defending, Crossing

18.Lukaku- N/A

19. Paulo- Great Servant / N/A

20.Joshy- N/A (GIVE HIM A START AVB!!!!!!!!!)

21. Kalou- N/A / Everything.

22. Turnbull- Squad Player / N/A

23. Danny- Finishing,Pace / Arrogance, Predictable

26. JT- Leader, Legend / Age, Reliability

33- Alex- Rock, Positioning / Pace, Reaction's

34- Bertrand- N/A (Get him more involved!!!!)

39- Nico- Adapting,Passing / Age, Predictable

40- Hilario N/A

I think you'll notice the players i couldn't care less about, and each one with the Age part next to them is a hint to saying FIND REPLACEMENTS NOW and DON'T PLAY THEM WEEK IN WEEK OUT!

That is all for now, could have ended up on a huge rant again!

Lift it Chels!

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Only going to pick a couple players lol

Mikel - World class against small teams, composure / sucks against the good sides, slow

Ramires - Can run, run, run, run and run some more :lol:, good defensively / Passing, Finishing

Torres - I can't really think of anything he does good "consistently" / consistency, dont give a shit attitude

Mata - Movement, Passing / needs to assert himself more on the game

Sturridge - Finishing, Pace / Selfish, not good defensively

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Cech : Good - Leader, good form; Bad - not great on crosses, only viable GK option

Ivanovic : Good - Leader, set pieces; Bad - pace, uncomfortable at CB

Luiz : Good - Confidence, potential; Bad - marks opponent too tightly, challenges for impossible balls

Terry : Good - Influence, passion; Bad - pace, influence

Cole : Good - stamina, link up play; Bad - petulance, crossing

Alex : Good - reads game well, freekicks ( :D); Bad - concentration lapses, injury prone

Bosingwa : Good - pace; Bad - crossing, gets sucked infield too often, bit of a donkey

Mikel : Good - ball retention, knows his role well; Bad - pace, lapses of concentration

Ramires : Good - stamina, work rate; Bad - touch, finishing

Lampard : Good - professionalism, intelligence; Bad - pace

Meireles : Good - utility man, punk rock bastard; Bad - jack of all trades but master of none

Malouda : Good - plays several positions, works hard; Bad - selfishness, groupism

Mata : Good - intelligence, vision; Bad - size

Drogba : Good - strength, selfless; Bad - moaner, pace

Torres : Good - movement Bad - confidence

Sturridge : Good - confidence, pace, footwork, Bad - one footed

Only named those who'll play often this season.

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1. Cech- Catching crosses, reflexes / Pace, ...

2. Brana- Strength, crossing / Pace, ...

3. Ash- Timing forward runs, tackling / sloppy at times

4. Luiz- Technique, pace / Over-enthusiasm, timing

5. Essien- N/A

6. Romeu- N/A

7. Rami- Stamina, pace / long range passing, long range shooting

8. Lamps- Passing, movement / pace, reaction time (age being accountable for both)

9. Nando- Positioning, ... / Finishing, confidence

10. Mata- Movement, passing / defending, strength

11. Drog- ... / Pace, laziness

12. Mikel- Composure, passing / pace, shooting

15. Flo- Backtracking, ... / Crossing, decision making

16. Meireles- Passing, movement / Sometimes rash, ...

17. Bos- Pace, ... / Marking, crossing

18.Lukaku- N/A

19. Paulo- N/A

20.Joshy- N/A

21. Kalou- Pace, ... / Dribbling, passing

22. Turnbull- N/A

23. Danny- Finishing, pace / Crossing, one-footedness

26. JT- Marking, heading / Pace, ...

33- Alex- Heading, marking / Pace, ...

34- Bertrand- N/A

39- Nico- Passing, movement / Finishing, playing tempo

40- Hilario N/A

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