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Safe standing surely its time ?

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Safe standing would solve our capacity problems kick start our atmosphere again and lower ticket prices

. Cheaper prices

. Far greater atmosphere

. Greater capacity

. Proved completely safe

. A huge majority of fans wish for it to be implemented

Anybody else agree that safe standing is really a no brainer ?


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Definitely agree. Should make certain stands safe standing, others sitting facilities. Not everyone wants to stand. We should find out the amount that currently stand at Stamford Bridge, and those who want to stand (but can't because of stewards etc.)... then use those numbers to turn like parts (or all) of the Shed and Matthew Harding stands into safe standing.

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Its a no brainer and would make atmsophere a hell of a lot better but with the reasons people sue for and all these days...someone no doubt find a way to make mega dosh from it

Defo give it a go if we did go for it ever...but am so clumsy something go wrong lol.Amount of times I've managed to throw coffee or drink onto the chair in front while sitting down somehow..standing be disatser time lol

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If we made the MHL and Shed End lower standing terraces (which they already are, practically), we could probably squeeze another 1,000 people in, at most. It would certainly help the atmosphere though...

Families almost always sit in the East Lower anyway, and keeping the upper tiers as seating would be a; safer, and b; family-friendly.

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This will never happen again in my opinion besides that i like sitting at the match, we are not as fit as what we used to be Dave lol. I think we should have seat recliners and a button that automatically asks you for your order from the tuck shop inside the ground. Supporters will support the side no matter what Dave, you could put beds in the stands in some of the turkish teams and they would still make an almighty noise. The problem we have is we don't have many pure supporters who attend the match in London anymore.

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This crops up all the time and fans would generally welcome it. It works well in Germany and you can get a beer as well stood up.

Cant see it happening any time soon though -but it's like all these things it needs popular pressure -ie the fans of the Premier League clubs need to unite and lobby Parliament, because at the moment its enshrined in legislation.

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Bring it on. Ad others have said I get really agitated when the stewards come round telling you to sit down even tho the 3 rows in front are on there feet too. Hate sitting at matches

Lol some steward looked so proud of himself when he got the stand to sit..then someone started a 'stand up' for something and his face.Guess its hard on them cause end of the day they're doing what they've been told to do and all but sometimes it is daft

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