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The new spine


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The spine of Cech, Terry, Lampard and Drogba has been hugely succesful between 2004-2010 but last season especially shows that maybe it is time to develop a new spine in this team and maybe the players to do it are staring us in the face already.

Petr Cech

As you were in goal, at only 29 years of age he has got atleast another 8 years in him and IMO when on form he is the best in the buisness.

David Luiz

Given our defensive problems this season the fact that we have only conceded twice from open play in the 8 games he has played this season is all the more impressive. Say what you like about his so called rashness but he isn't the first defender that is like that every now and again and we are so much more solid when he does play.

Another Luiz fact: Old Trafford in May aside, we have not let in more than one goal in a match Luiz has played in for Chelsea.

Oriol Romeu

Im not a Mikel hater but this guy is on another planet, so cool and composed and taylor made for the way AVB wants to play. As the United and especially Arsenal game showed he (and Luiz) are a must for big games.

On the down note his return to Barca is almost inevitable but it won't happen until at worst the season after next, with an luck by then, Conor Clifford (who will be 22) will be ready for a like for like replacement and slowly replace JT as the club captian.

Juan Mata

Anything he can't do? it's clear he is too good to just play on the wings, he can create from anywhere and is just as effective in the centre (IE his pass to Cole who played in Danny against Everton and his pass to Torres against Swansea).

Danny Sturridge

Lukaku won't be ready for a good few years and Torres is 27 and given his injury record its unlikely he will be the main forward after he is 30, Danny seems the most viable option as he is young, hungry and got a proven goal scoring record.


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I believe Ramires is surely in that list, because he gets in a lot into the game.

Not sure abt Romeu now but anyone other than Mikel gets my vote. Like our mate pointed out, the issue with Romeu is the buyback thing in his shitty clause, he has shown positive signs but i wouldnt get too much dependent on that because we dont know if remains a blue or not. Also the potential of having a Fab saga is written over it.

For Sturridge, i believe he is fantastic talent but he needs to keep himself grounded and u can surely have a legend out of him.

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I don't know about spine but I think that in the coming years our two center-halves must be Luiz and Iva. In the middle Mata is a must along with rambo (our new essien in a way?). Problem still is upfront, Torres, despite his few good performances, still hasn't proved he fits with the team (I'm not doubting his talent) and Danial is way too inconsistent for us to make him the center of our attack just yet.

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Conor Clifford (who will be 22) will be ready for a like for like replacement and slowly replace JT as the club captian.


I like that idea. I've heard he is very similar to Steven Gerrard.

I think if Torres can achieve two seasons with 20+ goals, it will be an astounding success.

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